#Stop Selling# HP9115C 1-20KVA High Frequency Online UPS (1 kva online UPS,1kva online UPS)

HP9115C 1-20KVA High Frequency Online UPS (1 kva online UPS,1kva online UPS)

HP9115C 1 kva online UPS Key Features:

■Its cut-edge digital technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processor), can greatly improve the products performance and system reliability, and deliver a compactin tegration with higher power density ;
■Output power factor up to 0.8/0.9 , applicable to the tendency of future load evolution, and deliver higher payload capacity;
■Total power factor up to 90% can minimize the power loss of 1 kva online UPS and save utilization cost for user;
■Emergency Power Off (EPO): 1kva online UPS can be instantly shut off in case of any emergency;
■Compliance with EMC requirements of IEC61000-4, provide your device a clean electric environment.
■Active power factor cor r ection ( PFC) technology allow sthein put power factor approa ching to 1 , dramatically reducing the immunity on utility grid;
■Excellent input frequency range makes UPS suitable to different power supply devices, i.e. generator set;
■Parallel Kit: realize the parallel extension and redundancy function, offer more flexibility and safety for user’s power supply planning;
■Compact Design, Lower Noise;


Rich Communication and Monitoring Features:

■Provide RS232、USB interface and communication cable for local or remote power supply management;


User-friendly interface :

■ LCD display accurate UPS working environment through the LCD display panel can be set output voltage and frequency, can be set ECO mode , convenient for user to operate the 1 kva online UPS .



Intelligent battery management:

■With its advanced intelligent charge control mode, 1kva online UPS can automatically select the optimal charge mode as per the battery type and conditions, thus further maximizing the li fe span of battery bank.Inaddition,the system can periodically conduct the charge & discharge management for the battery bank. User also can select the battery voltage (192V or 240V) on demands;
■The user can query and set the proper UPS control parameters for intelligent UPS management;automatically identify and adapt to 50/60Hz power supply system, fulfilling the requirements in various power supply systems;
■Perfect failure protection and alarm function: provide complete failure protection and clear alarm notification function in case of I/O over-voltage or under-voltage, battery overcharge or under-voltage, overload, and short circuit.


Intelligent Power monitoring and Management Sof tware WinPower 2003 :

■ Support Microsoft Windows95/Me/NT/2000/XP/Unux operating system. Suit for TCP/IP local area network;
■Support TCP/IP network monitoring ; Provide a hierarchical directory structure management network; Unusual event can be notified to user through broadcast , e-mail, sengercall,or mobil messager; Automatically detective the UPS model and the communication port; Provide password protection;
■Support timing boot up / shut off UPS function;
■Support timing UPS self-test function;
■Support graphically displayed 1 kva online UPS status function in real time;
■ Support network to deactivate the function of multiple servers and workstations;
■Accept the abnormal power;
■ Support to shut off most of the applications and the preservation of related document;
■ Support the online help function; with data records(including mains,ups,load,battery) ,and event function,to convenient the system administrator for the routine maintenance.





HP9115C Series 1 kva online UPS Technical Specifications:

High Frequency Online UPS HP9115C 1 10KVA


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SEO Article

1kva online UPS is a kind of the most widely used in the current UPS market by series power transmission. Its circuit is complex, high cost, with high quality power output. When the normal electricity, city power enters into the rectifier is rectified to be smooth and stable DC power, a part into the inverter, through the inverter energy conversion to become pure, no pollution of alternating current for load; another part of the charger of battery charging. When the city power failure, 1 kva online UPS automatically start the battery power supply, the battery internal power energy through the inverter energy conversion, make it become pure, non polluting AC power to maintain the load. 1kva online UPS can effectively solve the power interruption, the upwelling of the power supply, voltage sag, sustained overvoltage, sustained undervoltage, frequency offset, power supply *, switching transient, harmonic distortion nine power problems, its performance characteristics are as follows:
1.Whether there is no market power, all the power of the load is provided by the inverter, to ensure the quality of the power output.
2.Output voltage stability, frequency stability is high.
3.City electrical interruption, the output voltage is not affected, no conversion time.
4.Since all the load power is assumed by the inverter, the output of the 1 kva online UPS is limited to the load, but the UPS equipped with the output isolation transformer is not limited by the application, such as the cable Reed series products.
5.Due to load power rectifier also assume 100% general 1kva online UPS, input power factor is low, no loss of power, input current harmonic faults in large power grid pollution, but Sored by PFC power factor correction circuit of the 1 kva online UPS can be city electricity utilization rate increased to 96% and nonlinear loads due to power loss is reduced to the minimum, so the PFC power factor correction circuit of UPS power supply more energy efficient, this is reserve and interactive 1kva online UPS is unable to compare.

HP9115C 1-20KVA High Frequency Online UPS (1 kva online UPS,1kva online UPS)