IG3110C 500-2000VA Modified sine wave inverter (500va solar inverter,12/24v inverter,home power inverter)

IG3110C 500va solar inverter Key Features:

■Optional input voltage range.
■Full automatic and silent operation.
■Rack Tower design.
■Automatic charging.
■Built-in with 10Amp or 20Amp optional charger for up to 200Ah battery.
■Auto change AC-DC.
■Over-load protection.
■Automatic restart.
■Three-steps intelligent charging control to recharging
■LCD display, audible and visual alarm


Build-in With Big Charger:

IG3110C series 12/24v inverter long back up UPS built-in with 10 or 20 Amp charger for up to 200Ah battery.


Full Protection:

Protection for low battery voltage、overload、output s hor t circuit and over- temperature Restrain surge interference、eliminate noise、protection for Thunderstriking,provide the reliable power to the Home appliances.


IG3110C home power inverter technical specifications:

ModelIG3110C 500-2000VA 12/24v inverter
Nominal Voltage220/230/240VAC
Nominal Frequency50/60Hz
Voltage Range176VAC-280VAC(±3VAC)
Frequency Range50/60Hz
Voltage Regulation220/230/240VAC±2%
Frequency Regulation50/60Hz 0.1Hz
Wave FormModified sine wave
Transfer TimeStandard 2~4ms Typical 6ms
DC Voltage12V12V12V24V24V
Overcharge Protection15V15V15V30V30V
LCD Display & LED Indicate
AC ModeGreen lighting
Battery ModeYellow lighting
Battery Charging ModeGreen flashing every 2 second
OverloadRed flashing every 0.5 second
FaultRed lighting
Operating Environment
Storage Temperature-25℃~55℃
Elevation<1500 m
Noise(within 1 meter)<45dB
Physics Characteristic
Weight(KG)    N.W2.
Dimensions :( Wx D x H )mm224×225×80


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SEO Article

Compared with the square wave, the waveform of the modified wave is obviously improved, and the higher harmonic content is reduced. The traditional modified wave 12/24v inverter is generated by step superposition of square wave voltage. This way exist many problems such as complex control circuit, more power switch used in superposition lines, and larger volume and weight of the inverter and so on. In recent years, with the rapid development of power electronics technology, PWM pulse width modulation method has been widely used to generate the modified wave output. At present, the modified wave home power inverter has been widely used in the user system of remote areas, because the demand for electricity of these users is not very high, and it can meet most of their demand for electricity equipment. But it still has 20% harmonic distortion, will be a problem in the operation of precision equipment, but also cause the high frequency interference to the communication equipment, so at this time must use sine wave 500va solar inverter.

IG3110C 500-2000VA Modified sine wave inverter (500va solar inverter,1224v inverter,home power inverter)