MPS9335 30-150KVA Modular UPS With Battery (UPS modulares)

MPS9335 30-150KVA Modular UPS With Battery (UPS modulares)

MPS9335 30-150KVA UPS modulares Application:

Application IDC(Internet Data Center), computing center, ISP (Internet Service Provider ),Telecom,Finance bank and securities, Tax, hospital system, industrial automation, precision equipment, etc.


MPS9335 30-150KVA UPS modulares Features:

1.Superior energy saving and environment-friendly: Efficiency > 96% at 50%-75% rated load, and > 95% at 25% rated load; Input PF > 0.99,input THDi<3%.
2.Superior capability of powering load: Output PF is 0.9 or 1, no need of power deration with load of leading or lagging PF.
3.Easy-to-install: Top or bottom cabling, no need of input cabling cabinet.
4.Easy-to-maintain: Full front access, UPS, failed part can be replaced shortly.
5.Easy-to-modify: The number of battery cells can be configured flexibly, so the original batteries can be used when modifying the legacy system; moreover, the battery cell can be replaced in time when it fails without interrupting the normal operation of UPS modulares.
6.6-inch extra large LCD that can display 12 language (Chinese ,English ,Russian, French ,Spanlish and so on).
7.Provide large LCD touch screen (optional).
8.Each UPS modules provide 4.5KW charge capacity. equivalent to 10 to 12A.
9.On-Line Double Conversion, fully isolating the influences of power grid pollution and power failure from utility power supply and diesel generator to load.
10.Advanced DSP full digital control technologies realize higher system stability, online capacity expansion and maintenance.
11.Advanced distributed active parallel technology realizes parallel operation of 4 UPS units and online capacity expansion without centralized bypass cabinet.
12.Digital load sharing technology features extra low cross current and extreme high system reliability in parallel operation.
13.Adaptive to severe power grid environment due to extra wide input voltage and frequency ranges.
14.Extra strong capability to withstand output overload and short circuit, ensuring the system stability and system safety at limit conditions.
15.Intelligent battery management maintains battery automatically to prolong the battery life.
16.Efficient heat dissipation and effective protection under severe environment due to its independent layer-sealed ventilation.
channel and redundant fan design, as well as the paint-protected circuit boards and built-in dust filter.
17.Applicable voltage south America.


MPS9335 30-150KVA UPS modulares technical specifications:

Model MPS9335 30-150KVA
Capacity 30-150KVA
Main input
Input voltage  380V/400V/415AC(Optional South America 208v)
Input Frequency Range  50/60Hz
Power Factor Full load>0.99 ,Half load >0. 98
THDi  THDi <3%
Input power soft-start fantion 5-30s settable
Input Voltage Ranges 228V-476V-20%- +25% Full load linear derating at -25% – -40%; can take 70% load at -40%
Frequency Range 40-70Hz
Battery Voltage  ±240VDC(Default),12V Battery30-40pcs can be choose
Charge Voltage accuracy ± 1%
Bypass Input voltage 380/400/415VAC 3-phase 4-wire
Voltage Ranges Default value is -20%-+15%, -40%, -30%, -10% – +10%, other ranges can be set viasoftware
Overload Capacity  150%,long term operation,150%<load<180%,more than 1 hour ,load>1000% 100ms
Inverter Output Voltage 380/400/415VAC 3-phase 4-wire
Voltage Accuracy  ± 0.5%(balanced load), ± 1% (unbalanced load)
THDV  THDV<1%(linear load),THDV<3%(nonlinear load)
Power Factor  1
Three Phase Angle accuracy  120°c ± 0.5°c
Current Crest Ratio  3:1
Overload Capacity  110%1h,125%10mins,150%1mins,>150%200ms
Transfer Time 0ms,15ms(ECO Mode)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz (Settable)
Mains synchronization range ±2Hz(Default value) adjustable with step of 0.5Hz within range of +/- 0.5Hz – 3Hz
Protection Level  IP41/IP42
Communication Ports  RS232,RS485,dry contact,SNMP card,EPO,generator port
System efficiency > 96% at load above 50%, >95% at load above 25%
Operation Temperature 0-40 °c
Storage Temperature -25 °c -70 °c (without battery)
Humidity 0-95%(no-condensing)
Noise(dB) 55-62dB,Adjusted with load
Weight 5 module cabinet module :RMS050/10, RMS100/20, RMS150/30 150KG
10 module cabinet module :RMS100/10, RMS200/20, RMS300/30 180KG
 module :PM10 10KVA power module :28KG
 module :PM20 20KVA power module :30KG
 module :PM30 30KVA power module :35KG
Dimendion(W XD XH)mm  5 module cabinet  600X1400X850
10 module cabinet  600X2070X850
 power module 440X132X660(10KVA/20KVA/30KVA)


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SEO Article – The best performance characteristics of modular UPS

1. with a variety of working standards
The modular UPS has a variety of formats can choose, is easy to operate, can achieve a variety of import and line: 1/1,1/3,3/1 or 3 / 3, input frequency is 50Hz can also output voltage and frequency is 60Hz settings can be set for 220V 230V / 240V. If the input and output transformers can meet the needs of all countries and regions in the world.

2. small size, high power density
The UPS modulares has high efficiency and high power density, and it is the biggest characteristic of the system. 5KVA (4000W), 10KVA (8000W), 15KVA (12KW), (16KW) and (20KVA) power output can be provided.

3. environmental protection
UPS modulares total harmonic distortion (THDI) 3%, the output total harmonic distortion under linear load is less than 2%, the harmonic interference to the power grid is reduced to a minimum, and effectively reduce the power grid load and power loss. Excellent input parameters, the performance of the city electric grid is a pure resistance, is an ideal environmental protection and high efficiency UPS modulares.

4. high efficiency and energy saving
Energy saving, the state to promote environmental protection and energy conservation today, the green energy-saving UPS modulares concern, the input power factor of 0.999 or more. Reduce the line loss, improve the power utilization. The inverter efficiency can reach more than 98%, thus improving the working efficiency of the whole machine, reducing the loss and saving the electric energy.

5. expansion, easy installation, maintenance, replacement, upgrade
Modular UPS modules can realize hot pluggable function, and the module rack can be completely separated, easy expansion after the user or volume reduction, convenient use, realize online replacement, online maintenance and reduce the maintenance difficulty, reduce the maintenance time. And each module size according to the standard 19 inch structure design, make the whole appearance and the standard frame is consistent, beautify the appearance of the machine, and the module can be common with the standard frame.

6. redundancy, distributed parallel logic control
The parallel control between modules using the distributed logic control mode, no host and from the machine, any module dial out or insert will not affect the normal work of the other modules, according to the need of N + 1, N + X redundancy system, reducing the number of system and load their own risks, load UPS modulares protect time overall. Both increase the reliability of the whole work, but also simplifies the difficulty of user maintenance.

MPS9335 30-150KVA Modular UPS With Battery (UPS modulares)