The trend of fluctuations in the overall economic development of the China in the past few years, the international economic situation is complex, in the next few years there will be a lot of uncertainty, coupled with the high margin market of the UPS industry, more and more enterprises will enter the UPS industry. United States, Western Europe and Chinese is the main production area of UPS.

In the next five years, the growth rate of global consumption of UPS will remain 6-8% or so. In the future, the areas where industrial UPS will grow faster will focus on power, manufacturing and so on. In manufacturing, due to the steady development of petrochemical enterprises and the large-scale application of large-scale equipment, the renewal rate of industrial grade UPS will not be too high in the future, and other areas such as light manufacturing and continuous production will develop rapidly. The installation rate of industrial UPS will be improved.

UPS product gross interest rate is very high, in China, the profit margin is above 35%. And in overseas, the gross interest rate is about 40-45%. In 2017, the scale of Chinese industrial UPS market is expected to reach more than 5 billion yuan.

With the development of UPS, the UPS industry in China has been more and more mature and advanced. Although Schneider and Emerson have great competitive advantages in China, domestic brands such as SOROTEC will also become leaders of industrial UPS in the future.


IPS9312 IPS9332 10-160KVA (Industrial UPS systems,industrial grade UPS)

■Adopt full digital control technology.
■Intelligent detection and monitoring function.
■Digital control and static switch zero switching.
■Input/output full isolation
■DC UPS isolated with utility power completely.
■Cubicle design with power standard.
■Multifunctional protection for overvoltage,low voltage,
■Overcurrent, short circuit and so on.
■Large-screen LCD monitor Chinese and English operation interface.
■Ultralong 256 event records, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of power supply.
■Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capacity.

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