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219月 2023

Due to the Influence of Geographic EnvironmentInsufficient power supply is a particularly prominent issue in some developing countries and regions, mainly due to the rapid increase in electricity demand caused by the geographic environment and industrialization processes.For example, countries such as Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Kenya face difficulties in electricity usage due to the impact of geographic environment:

First, let’s understand the geographical conditions and climate changes of each country.

Nigeria: Nigeria is located in West Africa, with a hot and rainy climate and abundant sunlight.

India: India is located in South Asia, with diverse topography and significant climate variations, including multiple monsoon regions.

Bangladesh: Bangladesh is located in South Asia, with low-lying terrain, humid climate, and severe impact from monsoons.

Pakistan: Pakistan is located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent, with complex and diverse terrain, dry climate, and mountainous regions in the north.

Kenya: Kenya is situated in East Africa, with diverse topography including highlands, mountains, and lakes, as well as a varied climate.

When choosing an inverter for these countries, it is important to consider factors such as actual needs, the availability of renewable energy resources, the scale of the power generation system, and budget, in order to select the most suitable type and specifications of the inverter.In Nigeria, considering the abundant sunlight and hot and rainy climate, a solar inverter is a suitable choice, especially the SOROTEC photovoltaic inverter system.


Now let me introduce the main features of this inverter:

1)Photovoltaic inversion: The photovoltaic inverter system converts the direct current collected by solar panels into alternating current to meet the electricity needs of households, industries, and commercial sectors.

2)Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): The inverter system utilizes MPPT technology to track the maximum power point of the solar panels, thereby maximizing the conversion efficiency of electrical energy.

3)Grid connection: The photovoltaic inverter system can be connected to the grid, enabling the interaction between the solar power generation system and the grid for bidirectional power flow.

4)Data monitoring: The inverter system is equipped with data monitoring capabilities, allowing real-time monitoring and recording of parameters such as power generation, voltage, and current, providing users with reference and analysis to optimize the operation efficiency of the power generation system.

5)Safety protection: The inverter system includes multiple safety protection functions, such as over-temperature, over-current, over/under-voltage protection, ensuring the safety and stability of the system operation.

Especially for humid environments, the photovoltaic inverter system has moisture-proof and waterproof features, ensuring long-term stable operation. It also provides protection against lightning strikes, effectively reducing damage caused by lightning. Thus, when facing extreme weather conditions such as earthquakes or hurricanes, choosing a system with seismic and wind-resistant characteristics would be appropriate.For countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Kenya, which experience significant climate variations and are often affected by monsoons due to their low-lying terrain, the SOROTEC solar inverter is recommended. Firstly, it can fully utilize renewable energy resources. Secondly, it can address difficulties in power supply during different seasons. Additionally, considering practical needs and budget factors, this solar inverter offers a high cost-performance ratio, effectively resolving your current electricity usage problems and performing optimally under different weather conditions.

If you want to know more about Soropower’s products and technical information, please visit Soropower’s official website:

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139月 2023
🏙 🏙Energy storage solar inverters are advanced energy conversion devices that provide huge opportunities for innovation and development in the renewable energy industry. They are not just equipment, but tiny tools that can change the world, offering users a stable and reliable power supply. As customers, we all desire efficient and dependable energy solutions, and the SOROTEC energy storage solar inverter is an excellent choice to meet this need. Just as the energy storage solar inverter can convert sunlight into stored energy, we also need to tap into our potential energy and inject power into our lives. Success is not just an endpoint, but an ongoing process of progress. Let the innovative spirit of the energy storage solar inverter be our driving force. Believe that each and every one of us can strive for a brilliant future.
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019月 2023

Wonderful non-stop! Sorotec Suzhou Energy Storage Exhibition ended successfully!

                     From August 30 to September 1, 2023, the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition of EESA kicked off at the Suzhou International Expo Center. This multi-dimensional display of household optical storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and storage Energy battery and other solutions were unveiled at booth D3-27.

In this issue, we will talk to Mr. Xiao Yunfeng, Marketing Director of Shenzhen Sorotec Electronics Co., Ltd. Sorotec, as an industry veteran who has been deeply involved in photovoltaic energy storage for more than ten years, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in product development and production in the field of power electronics and new energy. The company’s products include: smart city power supply guarantee system (UPS uninterruptible Power supply, precision air conditioner, data center solution), smart new energy (off-grid and off-grid photovoltaic inverter, All in one optical storage integrated machine, industrial and commercial energy storage system equipment, mobile energy storage system in station area, photovoltaic communication base station , vehicle inverters and iron-lithium batteries), smart power quality (APF active filter, SVG static var compensation, three-phase unbalance optimization device in the station area), etc. The products comply with domestic and foreign testing and certification standards, and are widely used in important fields such as government, finance, communication, transportation, electric power, industry, and medical treatment, and are exported to international markets such as Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, West Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia. The company provides new energy electric power and electrical standardized products and also provides product OEM and ODM services to the world.

At the energy storage exhibition in Suzhou, Sorotec mainly launched three series of products including household energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and iron-lithium batteries. Mr. Xiao introduced that there are different recommendations for household inverters for different markets: “For example, the REVO VM II PRO inverter can not only convert solar energy into electrical energy, but also store electrical energy for use at night, especially suitable for places like the Middle East and Africa. areas where power supply is difficult. Hybrid energy storage inverters such as HM, VM IV and HMT have the function of battery grid connection, which is suitable for regions with high electricity costs such as Southeast Asia. The iHESS single-phase and three-phase cameras not only meet the European grid connection certification, but also have low Carbon saves electricity bills.”

Nowadays, the development of photovoltaic energy storage industry is in full swing, and there are tens of thousands of enterprises engaged in energy storage. “The optical storage industry is developing rapidly, and energy storage safety accidents occur frequently around the world. Sorotec products have passed domestic and foreign testing and certification. In recent years, they have been continuously providing full-scenario smart energy solutions for the global market and customers, and have established a reputation in the global market. Good reputation” Mr. Xiao Yunfeng said in an interview: “In the future, Sorotec will stick to its original intention with ingenuity, continue to increase research and development efforts and expand brand influence, and deeply cultivate the global market with high standards and strict requirements, highlighting Sorotec’s optical storage Inverter quality and strength.”

For industrial and commercial energy storage, Mr. Xiao has the following opinions: “The essence of industrial and commercial energy storage applications is to use the energy storage system’s ability to charge and discharge, which can be used as a power source or a load to help users make profits or save money. Among them, peak-to-valley price difference arbitrage accounts for most of the income of industrial and commercial energy storage.” In recent years, especially this year, the high temperature weather has continued, the contradiction between power supply and demand has gradually become prominent, and the power consumption load in various places has Sorotec. Industrial and commercial enterprises must ensure their own production Normal operation and improved power controllability, so 2023 is also known as the first year of the industrial and commercial energy storage market, with broad prospects for industrial and commercial energy storage.

“With the continuous improvement of domestic energy storage-related policies and the continuous optimization of the market environment, the profit channels of energy storage projects are gradually being unblocked.” Xiao Yunfeng pointed out that if the energy storage industry is to develop on a large scale, it must require technological innovation, break down technical barriers, and strengthen the initiative of market competition right. “This is an important driving force to drive energy storage to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to promote the comprehensive marketization of energy storage. Sorade is also constantly working in this direction.”

Energy storage is a super track that keeps pace with photovoltaics. Sorotec continues to focus on product quality and technological innovation, insists on high investment in technological research and development and innovation to better coordinate photovoltaic power generation and power consumption, and occupies the market through continuous technological accumulation and research and development. At the same time, Sorotec adheres to the concept of creating a win-win situation, and hopes to promote the high-quality development of the solar storage industry with all partners, and continue to escort the dual carbon goals steadily.

288月 2023

   How to Have a Healthier Relationship With Sorotec Micro Inverter

       How to build a healthier relationship with Sorotec microinverters In today’s energy world, solar power systems are increasingly sought after. To build a healthy and stable solar power generation system, it is very important to choose a suitable inverter. Here, we will focus on how to establish a healthier relationship with Sorotec micro inverters and make your power generation system more stable and efficient.

Whether you need 3.6kw hybrid inverter, 3.6kw hybrid solar inverter, 3.6kw solar inverter, or 4.6kw hybrid inverter, 4.6kw hybrid solar inverter, 4.6kw solar inverter, Even inverters of other specifications such as 5kw, 6kw, etc., Sorotec micro-inverter series can meet your needs. As a hybrid inverter, Sorotec ‘s products combine the advantages of off-grid and grid-connected systems. Whether you use it in an off-grid environment or in a networked environment, you can easily apply Sorotec ‘s inverter to achieve efficient energy conversion. Whether it is an off-grid inverter, an off-grid solar inverter, or a solar inverter suitable for both off-grid and networked, Sorotec has options for you to choose from. The advanced technology of Sorotec ‘s micro-inverter ensures efficient energy conversion and reliable power output. When solar energy is converted into electricity, these inverters ensure efficient conversion of energy and longer service life through advanced electronic components and intelligent control systems. Plus, they’re easy to install, easy to understand, and durable in design to suit a variety of uses. Whether you choose an off-grid inverter, an on-grid inverter, or a solar inverter for both off-grid and on-grid, Sorotec ‘s micro inverters are a perfect match.

They are suitable for solar power generation systems, off-grid power supply systems and hybrid energy systems, providing users with clean and renewable energy solutions. Sorotec ‘s inverters are not only widely used in homes, residential areas and commercial buildings, but also suitable for industrial fields.

No matter which field your energy needs are in, Sorotec ‘s micro inverters can meet your expectations and provide you with reliable and stable energy conversion solutions. If you are looking for cost-effective, stable and reliable inverter products, Sorotec will be your best choice. Please visit their official website ( ) immediately to contact the sales team and get more information about the series of micro inverters so that you can choose the model that suits your needs.

By establishing a healthy relationship with Sorotec Micro Inverter, you will bring more stability and efficiency to your solar power generation system. Sorotec’s inverter product series will be a strong support for your successful implementation of renewable energy projects!

238月 2023

The Hands-Down Best Quotes About on Grid Solar Inverter

Sorotec Grid-connected Solar Inverter: Realizing Efficient Energy Conversion With the rapid development of renewable energy, solar energy has gradually become an important energy choice for people. The grid-connected solar inverter, as the core component of the solar power generation system, plays an important role in converting DC energy into AC energy. As an industry leader, Sorotec has always been in the leading position in the field of solar inverters. This article will introduce the characteristics of, Sorotec grid-connected solar inverter and its application in the field of renewable energy.

Sorotec grid-connected solar inverter adopts advanced technology, which can efficiently convert DC power generated by solar panels into AC power, and provide stable and reliable power for household and commercial purposes. This inverter series uses the latest silicon transistor technology and high-density high-power modules to more efficiently capture and convert solar energy into usable electricity. At the same time, , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverters have intelligent monitoring and remote control functions. Users can check the operating status of the system at any time through mobile phones or computers, as well as troubleshoot and adjust. , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverter not only has the characteristics of high-efficiency energy conversion, but also has the advantages of flexible design and installation. According to the needs of users, the power specification and output voltage of the inverter can be flexibly selected to meet the needs of different scenarios. Moreover, , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverter supports multiple installation methods, which can be installed on the roof, ground or wall, providing users with more choices and convenience. Compared with traditional energy sources, solar inverters are clean, environmentally friendly and renewable. The use of , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverters can not only reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, but also greatly reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources and achieve sustainable development. At the same time, , Sorotec is also actively exploring and developing energy storage technology to realize the sustainable utilization of solar energy. As a leading solar inverter manufacturer, Sorotec has been committed to providing high-quality and reliable products. Its range of grid-connected solar inverters is a well-recognized and trusted choice in the market. Whether it is a home user or a business user, you can find a solution that suits your needs in , Sorotec’s products.

If you are interested in , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverter, you can click the following link for more information:  There you can find detailed parameters and technical descriptions of, Sorotec grid-connected solar inverters, as well as ways to contact Sorotec ‘s team. All in all, Sorotec grid-connected solar inverters have made an important contribution to the development of the renewable energy field with their high-efficiency energy conversion, flexible installation and reliable performance. By using , Sorotec grid-connected solar inverters, we can use solar energy resources more efficiently and achieve the goal of sustainable development.