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21Jun 2018

The main points of dust proof and waterproof design for outdoor cabinet: mainly for three places to carry out sealing treatment, so that the environment and the outside environment in a certain degree of isolation, to achieve the final design purpose. First of all, there are good dustproof measures for the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. We begin with the seams of the cabinet, the joint part, the line interface, the design of the air duct and the fastening parts of the fasteners, because the dust and water in various environments enter the cabinet by these ways.


Main points of dust proof and waterproof design of cabinet
1.Air inlet and outlet: using maze structure and dustproof net to achieve dustproof and waterproof purposes.
2.The gap between the air duct joint: install the sealing strip or apply the sealant to achieve the purpose of protection.
3.Cabinet door: install sealing strip (EPDM) to achieve the purpose of dustproof and waterproof.
4.Lock installation: lockset customization protects rubber part and applies sealant.
5.Cable access: cable terminals, PG terminals, flanges, fireproof mud, etc.


People often install the filter network device inside the outdoor cabinet, which includes a flat connection bar and sticker glue on the other plane of the connecting bar to make it better to protect the dust and waterproof, ensure the interior cleaning of the cabinet and the good operation of the equipment.


IP55 Protection Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

■.Highly integrated outdoor electrical enclosure with strong housing ability, can be used as equipment cabinet, battery cabinet or integrated cabinet
■.Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection and full ranges of temperature control system
■.Precise and separate temperature control reduces energy cost
■.Multi-layer panel structure makes less heat absorbance and saves energy
■.Anti-theft design and earthquake protection tests ensure outdoor electrical enclosure and equipments safety
■. Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection
■.Support delivery in whole or in parts with no limits to installation scenario

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Outdoor cabinet manufacturing materials Used in the manufacture of cabinet outside the plate, the thickness is greater than or equal to 1.5 mm galvanized plate, hot galvanizing plate after welding shall be outdoor powder coating. Temperature control device for cabinet type heat radiation with hot galvanizing plate for plate, temperature control device for refrigeration cabinet use is greater than or equal to 1.5 mm galvanized plate with 10mm insulation cotton structure into a sheet. The base cabinet is made of cold rolled steel plate thickness not less than 2mm, after welding galvanizing surface treatment. For the metal cabinet, after or after surface treatment, should have the ability to resist corrosion and electrochemical reaction. Non metal parts (including insulated wire, cable and foam material) should be flame retardant materials, the combustion of flame retardant should be able to pass the test requirements.

12Jun 2018

1.Natural heat dissipation
The cooling method of natural heat dissipation of solar inverter refers to the purpose of realizing the temperature control of the local heating device to the surrounding environment without using any external auxiliary energy. It usually includes three main heat transfer modes, heat conduction, convection and radiation, in which the convection is dominated by natural convection. Natural heat dissipation or cooling is often applied to low power devices and components with low temperature control and heat flow density, and sealed or densely packed devices are not suitable for other cooling technologies. At present, the single-phase inverter and the three-phase inverter under 30kW, most of the manufacturers can achieve natural heat dissipation, and a few three phase inverters of 100kW can also achieve natural heat dissipation.

2.Forced heat dissipation
The cooling method of forced cooling is mainly by means of fans and other forced devices around the air flow, thereby removing the heat emitted from the device. This method is a simple and effective heat dissipation method. If the space between components is suitable for air flow or suitable for installation of local radiator, this cooling method can be used as much as possible. The method of enhancing the forced convection heat transfer capacity increases the heat dissipation area and produces a relatively large forced convection heat transfer coefficient on the cooling surface. Increasing the heat dissipation area of the radiator surface to enhance the heat dissipation of electronic components has been widely applied in practical engineering. In engineering, the fin is used to expand the heat dissipation area of the radiator surface to achieve the purpose of enhancing heat transfer. The choice of radiator material is directly related to its heat dissipation performance. At present, the material of the radiator is mainly made of copper or aluminum, and the expanded heat exchange surface is made by folding fins / punching thin fins.

3.Comparison of two kinds of heat dissipation methods
Natural heat dissipation has no fans, low noise, but slow heat dissipation, and is generally used for small power inverters. Forced air cooling need to configure the fan, large noise, but fast heat dissipation, generally used in high-power inverters, in the middle power of the series of inverters, use both way. Through the comparison experiment of the heat dissipation capacity of the group series inverter, it is found that the group series inverter with 50kW power level using forced heat dissipation is better than the natural cooling method. The temperature rise of the key components, such as the capacitor and IGBT in the inverter, can be reduced by about 20℃, which can ensure the long life and high efficiency of the inverter. However, the temperature of the inverter with natural cooling mode increases and the life of the components decreases. Forced air cooling also has two kinds of high speed fans and medium speed fans. The use of high speed fans can reduce the volume and weight of the radiator, but it will increase the noise and the fan life is short. If the medium speed fan is used, the radiator is slightly larger. But when the power is low, the fan does not turn, and the fan runs at a low speed in the middle power. In fact, the full power operation time of the inverter is not much, so the fan’s life can be long.


REVO-E 3-5kW Hybrid Solar Energy Storage Inverters

1. PV and utility power take the load at same time ( can setting ).
2. Output power factor PF=1.0
3. On/Off grid with energy storage.
4. AC charging and AC output time setting.
5. Charging voltage and charging current timing.
6. External Wi-Fi device optional.
7. Connected with battery optional.
8. Wide PV input range 120-450VDC.
9. MAX PV Array Power 4500W.

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05Jun 2018

High temperature is the main factor that causes the most likely failure of electronic devices including UPS. At high temperature, the leakage current of the device increases and the voltage decreases. According to Arrhenius’ law, when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees centigrade, the life of components or equipment is reduced by half at 10 degrees centigrade. When the temperature rises according to the arithmetic gradient of 10 degrees, the life of components or equipment will decrease which follow 1/ (n=1, 2, 3…) the law of geometric progression. And the temperature rise inside the machine comes from the power consumption of every circuit in the machine. Transformer is one of them. If there is no transformer, the power consumption can be reduced. So in this sense, because of the existence of transformer, to a certain extent, the reliability of the system is reduced.

The mistake here is to confuse the mechanical stability and electrical performance of transformers. The stability here refers to the stability of the electrical properties. Since the existence of transformers reduces the reliability of the system, of course, it also reduces the stability. People in misunderstandings mistakenly regard the stability of electricity as mechanical stability: the weight of the transformer is large and the center of gravity is stable, so the reliability and stability of the system are guaranteed. Furthermore, the transformer is only a part of the UPS. It does not add trouble to the whole and improves the reliability of the device. If you look at the problem from this point of view, it can be said by any part of the device.


GP9111C 6-15KVA GP9311C 10-40KVA Low Frequency Online UPS

ModelGP9111C 6-15KVAGP9311C 10-40KVA
Rated voltage220V single phase380V three phase 4 wires+G
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
AC Input
Voltage Range220V 25%single phase380V 25%three phase 4 wires+G
Frequency Range50/60Hz 5%
Soft Start0-100% 5sec
Power Factor>0.92(with input filter)
Bypass Input
Voltage range220V 25% single phase380V 25%three phase 4 wires+G
Frequency Range50/60Hz 10%
Inverter Bypass(overload) 0ms
Voltage Accuracy220V 1%(steady-state load),220V 3%(load fluctuations)
Frequency Accuracy50/60Hz 0.05Hz(battery power)
Power Factor0.8(lagging)
Distortion<3%(linear load ), <5%(non linear load )
Steady-state response time<10ms
Overload Capacity110%load can run normally;125%10min;150%1min;
Nominal Voltage192V
Float Voltage216V
Shut-off Voltage168V
Charger Current4A/8A optional
AlarmSound and light alarm
ProtectionUPS over current short circuit under voltage over temperature
OperatingTemperature : 0-40℃ Relative humidity : 0-90%
Box ColorGray(optional)
Physics Characteristic
Dimension (W x D x H)mm210X600X560305X586X850350X675X920430X792X1060

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GP9111C GP9311C 6-40KVA Low Frequency Online UPS (40 kva ups,online uninterruptible power supply)



30May 2018

Under normal operation, high frequency switching power supply equipment has little maintenance workload, mainly dustproof and regular dedusting. Especially in the area where the climate is dry, the dust in the air is more and the dust will be deposited in the machine. When the air is wet, the host control disorder will cause the main engine to be disturbed and the inaccurate alarm will occur. A large amount of dust also causes poor heat dissipation in the device. Generally, every quarter should be thoroughly cleaned. The second is to check whether the connectors and plugging parts are loose or unfastened during the dust removal.

Because rectifier can not eliminate instantaneous pulse interference, there is still interference pulse after rectification. In addition to the function of storing DC power, the equivalent capacitance of the battery is directly proportional to the capacity of the storage battery. Therefore, maintenance of battery work is very important, although the battery pack is used to maintain the battery, but this is only to eliminate the previous measurement, ratio, time to add distilled water. But the influence of the working state on the battery has not changed, the effect of the abnormal working state on the battery has not changed, so the work of the battery is all in the state of floating charge, and at least one discharge should be carried out every year in this case. Before discharging, the battery pack should be recharged evenly to achieve a balanced battery pack. During discharge, if one reaches the discharge termination voltage, the discharge should be stopped. The check discharge is not a percentage of the discharge capacity, but is concerned with the discovery and treatment of backward batteries, and then do the check discharge experiment after the treatment of the backward cells. This prevents accidents, so as to avoid the deterioration of backward cells in the discharge to reverse polarity batteries. At least 8 batteries for each battery should be used as the indicator battery. As a reference to understand the working conditions of the whole battery, the battery should be measured and recorded regularly.

Items that need to be checked regularly in daily maintenance are:
Clean and detect the voltage and temperature at both ends of the battery;
There is no loosening corrosion at the connection point, and the pressure drop of the connecting strip is detected;
Battery appearance is intact, there is no shell deformation and leakage;
Whether the acid mist escapes from the pole and the safety valve;
Whether the host equipment is normal and so on;
The maintenance free battery should be operated, daily managed carefully standardized, so as to ensure the equipment to maintain good operation condition and prolong the service life;
Ensure that the DC bus maintains qualified voltage and battery discharge capacity;
Ensure the operation of the battery and the safety of the personnel.

This is the purpose of battery maintenance, as well as the contents and operation rules of battery operation rules. When reverse voltage, large voltage drop, large differential pressure and acid fog leaks were found in the battery pack, the corresponding methods should be adopted in time to restore and repair, and replace batteries that can not be recovered need to be replaced. However, batteries with different capacities, performance and manufacturers can not be connected, otherwise they may have adverse effects on the whole battery. The battery pack whose life time has expired should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the power supply system and equipment mainframe.

When the power system fails, the cause should be identified first, whether it is load or power supply, whether it is a mainframe or a battery pack. Although the switch power system has the function of fault self inspection, it is very convenient to replace the parts, but it is still necessary to do a lot of analysis and inspection to repair the fault. In addition, if the self checking part fails, the contents of the display may be mistaken.

When the main machine is broken down or destroyed, it is necessary to find out the cause and remove the fault before restarting. Otherwise, the same failure will occur. The good equipment also has a life span, and there will be various kinds of failures, but the maintenance work is good to prolong life and reduce the occurrence of failure. Do not ignore the maintenance work because of high intelligence and maintenance. Prevention is an important guarantee for safe operation at any time.


SHW48200 48VDC Outdoor Power Supply MPPT Off-Grid Telecom Station Solar Hybrid System

■Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology.
■Advanced MPPT Technology,High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss.
■Reversed current protection at night, over voltage and reverse polarity protection.
■Capable of selecting different charging mode for various types of batteries.
■Protection degree:IP55
■Industy-leading power density compact size and high reliability;
■Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal and equipped with waterproof lock on the door double insulation design;
■Cabine adopt quality galvanized sheet or aluminum coated steel sheet as material, surface coating anti-UV power;
■Suitable for outdoor installation.

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23May 2018

Pure sine wave inverter power supply is specially designed for power plant, substation, communication industry, automation control equipment, solar energy, oil field, wind energy, new energy and so on. It is mainly applied to places where load equipment has high requirements to power quality. Such as power telecontrol, RTU, power line carrier, monitor, program-controlled switchboard, computer room, network, server and accident lighting. If the AC input is broken down, the DC screen or the external battery cabinet prepared by the power system and the telecommunications system will supply a long and uninterrupted power supply through the inverter for the load equipment. If the DC screen is broken down, the inverter overloads or failed, the system will automatically switch to the bypass power supply, which ensures the continuity of the system power supply. The use of pure sine wave inverter power supply to important load equipment in DC power station has the following advantages:

1.Avoid repeated investment in battery pack, reduce system maintenance and reduce system operation cost.

2.The DC screen of power system and telecommunications system usually uses valve controlled sealed battery. Because of the high reliability and long life (10~15 years) of the DC screen, the DC screen is used for power supply, and the reliability and life span are greatly improved. The battery in conventional UPS is often without maintenance and monitoring. It is easy for battery to be damaged, but it can not be detected in time, so as to reduce the running cost of the system.

3.Due to the large capacity of DC screen, the power supply of inverters can provide enough long AC power supply after the power grid is cut off.


IG3115CS 1-12KW LCD Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

■Pure sine wave output
■The charging current is big up to 85 Amp
■Output power factor:s 0.9-1
■Well accept generator’s output
■Full automatical and silent operation
■Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
■Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
■Remote control function
■Four-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
■Bypass and bypass voltage regulation function
■Could be setting frequency by LCD display with color screen
■Battery type and charge current can be select

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