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111月 2024

What do I need to pay attention to regarding the IP65 series solar inverters?

       First of all, IP65 series HES can be paralleled with two inverters, There are several things to note about the IP65 series, which are divided into the following three main points

  1. The two inverters need to share a common battery.
  2. To set the data of both inverters to be the same.
  3. Both inverters need to have the parallel function turned on. Before setting this parallel function, you need to change the inverter screen to “Off”.

Let’s find out what functions are available next!

HES solar inverters are usually characterized by the following features:

High-performance solar conversion: the inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power, providing usable electricity.

Optimal protection class (IP65): IP65 series solar inverters have good dustproof and waterproof performance, suitable for outdoor installation environments and able to work under harsh weather conditions.

Operating temperature range: the inverter can work normally in different temperature environments and adapt to various climate conditions.

Intelligent monitoring: The intelligent monitoring system can monitor the working status and power output of the solar system in real time to improve the operation efficiency.

Multiple Protection Functions: Inverters usually have multiple protection functions built-in, such as overload protection, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inverter and solar system.

What is a hybrid inverter                                                                                                                                                       In summary The Hybrid Inverter (IP65 series solar inverters) is a device that integrates the functions of a solar inverter and a battery inverter. It is capable of converting DC power generated by solar panels into AC power for home or commercial use, and can also work with batteries to continue providing power at night or when the grid is down.

These are some of the functional features on IP65 series solar inverters, if you want to know more please click the link  or add my contact informationEmail: or add my wechat/whatsapp:8613510865777


2812月 2023

what is On & Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter Integrated Machine

                                                                                                              ——————SOROTEC MPGS


About Grid-Connected Off-Grid Energy Storage All-in-One

In today’s society, energy issues are receiving increasing attention and importance from people. With the development and innovation of technology, more and more new energy devices are being introduced into daily life, among which the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine has become a much-discussed product. The grid-connected off-grid integrated machine refers to a comprehensive device that can convert solar energy and renewable energy into electricity, meet its own power generation needs, and supply power, store energy, and generate power to the grid.

Firstly, the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has become an important way to address energy issues. As a device that integrates power generation, energy storage, and supply functions, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine provides a more convenient way for people to utilize renewable energy. It can supply the locally generated electricity to the local grid system, achieving the sharing of electric energy. In this respect, it can effectively alleviate the electricity pressure on traditional power grids.

Secondly, for individual users, owning a grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can also lead to self-sufficiency. Particularly for those living in remote areas or without access to traditional power grids, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can meet their electricity needs. In regions such as Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, and others where the traditional power grid faces issues like unstable power supply and insufficient electricity, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can alleviate these to some extent. Additionally, the intelligent control system of the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine brings many conveniences to people’s lives. Users can monitor and adjust the device anytime, anywhere through a mobile phone or other smart devices, achieving energy-saving and intelligent effects.

Overall, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine is a promising new energy device that holds important significance in solving energy issues and improving the electricity environment through its intelligent and efficient performance. We hope that our company, SOROTEC, can bring more convenience to your home, industry, and business. Give us your trust, and we will provide you with worry-free after-sales service. Click the link to learn more information.

2112月 2023

SOROTEC IP65 series shockingly launched

     The industry-leading off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid solar inverters in the IP65 series have been introduced by SOROTEC,  the solar inverter manufacturer, injecting new vigor into the development of the solar energy industry. This inverter features off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid capabilities, catering to various solar energy system requirements, offering users a more stable and reliable power conversion solution.

As a key component of off-grid systems, the IP65 series inverter performs excellently even in harsh outdoor environments, with its IP65 protection rating ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment in conditions such as high humidity, high temperatures, and sandstorms. Additionally, this product series is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology to automatically adjust operating temperatures, extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing operating costs.In grid-tied systems, the IP65 series inverter also enables real-time monitoring and remote control, ensuring safe and efficient system operation. Equipped with advanced MPPT tracking technology and high-efficiency conversion technology, it significantly improves energy utilization and maximizes the overall efficiency of solar power generation systems.

Furthermore, the IP65 series inverter also incorporates hybrid functionality, supporting seamless switching between grid-tied and off-grid modes to meet user requirements for flexible system operation. Moreover, this product series includes multiple protection functions, such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and overload protection, ensuring the stable and secure operation of the system.The launch of the IP65 series inverters will undoubtedly further drive the development of the solar energy industry and provide more comprehensive solutions for solar energy systems worldwide.

This product series will become an indispensable and essential part of solar system design and construction, contributing to the sustainable utilization of clean energy in more regions. We believe that if your country also has demand, please feel free to contact us at any time for assistance and to bring you more convenience. To learn more, please contact us for details.”



1212月 2023


Always On the Road

———Energy storage inverter

     God knows you are tired. He knows it is hard for you, but please believe that God will never place you in a situation you cannot handle.


Your struggles have a purpose. Your pain has a purpose. Your happiness will come soon. It’s not that we choose to strive because of the results, but rather, it’s through striving that we see the results. The time does not let down the person who has determination, and the stars do not let down the person who is on the road.


We have a very good product     . This product sells at least 800 units inverter every month . Below are genuine positive feedback from our customers. We are a professional manufacturer of solar inverters in China. We have been in this industry for 17 years. We have our own team of engineers and strong production lines to meet customers’ customized needs and provide high-quality services. If you have any needs for products, please feel free to contact me. We provide constant after-sales support services and remote debugging and installation personnel to give you a comfortable experience.Email: or add my wechat/whatsapp:8613510865777In this moment, I seem to see the meaning of perseverance. Perhaps in our careers and lives, we will encounter some bottlenecks or difficulties, but it is precisely because of these challenges that we continue to grow, learn, and develop towards a better direction, forging ahead.


Dear friends, if you are currently facing difficulties, it’s best to maintain a positive attitude. Do not let the difficulties affect your mood and judgment. Stay optimistic and positive. Sometimes, difficulties cannot be changed, and at these times, it’s necessary to accept the reality and take action to solve the problems. Face the difficulties, and meet a better version of yourself.



0112月 2023

Latest HES 6-8kW series inverter from SOROTEC

         We are pleased to introduce our latest product – the HESIP65 inverter. New Sorotec HES 6-8kw inverter  This HES 6kw, is IP65 model, warranty for five years. And it has all the function HMT has. As a leading energy solution provider, it is a versatile inverter that can convert the DC power from photovoltaic cells into AC power for use in homes and commercial buildings, as well as feed the excess energy back into the grid.

The HES IP65 inverter is designed with an IP65 protection rating,     enabling it to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, rain, and dust. This makes it ideal for outdoor installation without concerns about performance being affected. The inverter also features intelligent monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor system performance and power generation anytime, anywhere through a mobile application.

Functions and features

  1. Anti-island protection—-When on-grid, AC is not normal, can disconnect immediately
  2. Battery on grid function–you can sell battery power to the grid.
  3. Mains delay function—-Sometimes the mains power is unstable and suddenly rushes in, causing some electrical appliances to be burned out. With this function, household appliances can be better protected.
  4. Lithium battery activation function–If the battery is exhausted, connect the inverter, power on, and the battery can be turned on.

5.Warranty for five years.

  1. With CT, WIFI & parallel kit

Furthermore, it is equipped with multiple protection features to prevent damage from overheating, overcurrent, and other issues.    The launch of the HES 6-8kW series inverter will provide users with a more efficient and reliable energy solution. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, it helps users reduce energy consumption, decrease energy expenses, and contribute to environmental protection. We believe that the introduction of the HESIP65 inverter will reduce your monthly electricity costs by 50% and bring you a brand new energy experience 。If you would like more information please feel free to contact me