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0511月 2019

Due to the high integration, compact overall structure and large heat dissipation, the hybrid inverter requires high temperature, humidity and dust content in the installation environment. When installing the solar inverter, it must provide a good operating environment for the inverter. The working ambient temperature of the inverter is rated at 40 ℃. If the ambient temperature is higher than 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, the rated current must be reduced. Otherwise, the temperature rise of the device will be too high, which will increase the possibility of device damage (especially IGBT power module), and have a great impact on normal and safe operation. If the working environment of the inverter fails to meet the requirements of the inverter on the working environment, it will cause high failure rate of the inverter, affect the long-term, reliable and safe operation, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in the application of the inverter.


1.Operating temperature.

The inside of the inverter is a high-power electronic component, which is easily affected by the working temperature. The product is generally required to be 0-55 ℃, but in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the work, it should be considered to leave room for use, preferably controlled below 40 ℃. If the inverter is installed in the inverter cabinet, it shall be installed on the upper part of the cabinet and strictly comply with the installation requirements in the product manual. It is absolutely not allowed to install the heating element or the element easy to heat against the bottom of the inverter.


2.Ambient temperature.

When the temperature is too high and the temperature changes greatly, condensation is easy to occur inside the inverter, and its insulation performance will be greatly reduced, or even lead to short circuit accidents. If necessary, desiccant and heater must be added to the inverter cabinet. The surrounding humidity of the inverter shall be below 90%. If the surrounding humidity is too high, the electrical insulation will be reduced and the metal part will be corroded. If restricted by the installation site, the inverter shall not be installed in a place with high humidity, and the cabinet of the inverter shall be sealed as far as possible. In order to prevent condensation when the inverter stops, a convection heater should be added.


3.Corrosive gas.

If the concentration of corrosive gas is large, it will not only corrode the leads and printed circuit boards of components, but also accelerate the aging of plastic components and reduce the insulation performance. In this case, the inverter cabinet should be made into a closed structure and air exchange. There shall be no corrosive, explosive or combustible gas, dust and oil mist around the inverter. If there are explosive and combustible gases in the surrounding environment where the inverter is installed, there are relays and contactors that are easy to generate sparks in the inverter, so fire or explosion accidents may be caused sometimes. If there is dust and oil mist around the inverter, its adhesion and accumulation in the inverter will lead to the decrease of insulation; for the inverter with forced air cooling, the temperature in the inverter will rise abnormally due to the filter blockage, so that the inverter cannot operate stably.


4.Vibration and shock.

When the inverter cabinet is subject to mechanical vibration and impact, it will cause poor electrical contact. At this time, in addition to improving the mechanical strength of the inverter cabinet, away from the vibration source and impact source, the anti-seismic rubber pad shall be used to fix the inverter cabinet and electromagnetic switch and other components that generate vibration. The vibration resistance of the inverter should be different in different types. When the vibration exceeds the allowable value of the inverter, the fastening part of the components will be loose and the relay and contactor will act wrongly, which often leads to the unstable operation of the inverter. For the vibration situation that can be foreseen in advance, the vibration of inverter should be fully considered.


5.The altitude of inverter application is usually below 1000m.

If the altitude is high, the air pressure will be high, which is easy to cause insulation damage. In addition, the cooling effect of high elevation also decreases, so it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature rise of inverter.


REVO-II On/Off Gird Energy Storage Hybrid Inverter with Touch Screen

1.Touch screen display
2.PV and utility power take the load at same time(can setting)
3.Output power factor PF=1.0
4.On&Off Grid with energy storage
5.Energy generated record,load record,history information and fault record
6.Language and time setting
7.Structure with dust filter
8.AC charging and AC output time setting
9.Charging voltage and charging current timing
10.External Wi-Fi device optional
11.Parallel operation with up to 6 units only available for 3kW/4kW/5kW
12.Connected with battery optional
13.Wide PV input range 120-450VDC
14.Independent CPU
15.MAX PV Array power 4500W
16.Solar and Utility supply power to the load when solar power is not sufficient to load

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0910月 2019

Manufacturers and users of UPS power supply system have long noticed the matching problem between generators and UPS, especially the harmful effects of current harmonics generated by rectifiers on power supply systems such as voltage regulators of generators and synchronous circuits of UPS. Therefore, the technicians designed the input filter and applied it to UPS, and successfully controlled the current harmonics in UPS application. These filters play a key role in UPS compatibility with generators.


In fact, all input filters use capacitors and inductors to absorb the destructive current harmonics at the UPS input. The design of the input filter takes into account the percentage of all possible harmonic distortion inherent in the UPS circuit and at full load. Another benefit of most filters is to increase the input power factor of UPS with load. However, another consequence of the application of input filters is to reduce the overall efficiency of UPS. Most filters consume about 1% UPS power. The design of input filters has been seeking a balance between advantages and disadvantages.


In order to improve the efficiency of UPS system as much as possible, UPS engineers have recently improved the power consumption of input filters. The improvement of filter efficiency depends largely on the application of IGBT (Insulated Gate Transistor) technology to UPS design. The high efficiency of IGBT inverters leads to the redesign of UPS. The input filter can absorb some current harmonics and a small part of active power. In short, the ratio of inductance factor to capacitance factor in the filter is reduced, and the volume of UPS is reduced and the efficiency is improved. The compatibility between UPS and generators is another problem.


MPS9335C 10-300KVA High Frequency Online Modular Type UPS

1.Superior energy saving and environment-friendly:
Efficiency > 96% at 50%-75% rated load, and > 95% at 25% rated load; Input PF > 0.99,input THDi<3%.
2. Superior capability of powering load:
Output PF is 0.9 or 1, no need of power deration with load of leading or lagging PF.
3. Easy-to-install:
Top or bottom cabling, no need of input cabling cabinet.
4. Easy-to-maintain:
Full front access, UPS, failed part can be replaced shortly.
5. Easy-to-modify:
The number of battery cells can be configured flexibly, so the original batteries can be used when modifying the legacy system; moreover, the battery cell can be replaced in time when it fails
without interrupting the normal operation of UPS.
6.6-inch extra large LCD that can display 12 language (Chinese ,English ,Russian, French ,Spanlish and so on).
7.Provide large LCD touch screen (optional).
8.Each UPS modules provide 4.5KW charge capacity. equivalent to 10 to 12A.
9.On-Line Double Conversion, fully isolating the influences of power grid pollution and power failure from utility power supply and diesel generator to load.
10. Advanced DSP full digital control technologies realize higher system stability, online capacity expansion and maintenance.
11.Advanced distributed active parallel technology realizes parallel operation of 4 UPS units and online capacity expansion without centralized bypass cabinet.
12.Digital load sharing technology features extra low cross current and extreme high system reliability in parallel operation.
13.Adaptive to severe power grid environment due to extra wide input voltage and frequency ranges.
14.Extra strong capability to withstand output overload and short circuit, ensuring the system stability and system safety at limit conditions.
15 Intelligent battery management maintains battery automatically to prolong the battery life.
16. Efficient heat dissipation and effective protection under severe environment due to its independent layer-sealed ventilation channel and redundant fan design, as well as the paint-protected circuit boards and built-in dust filter.
17.Applicable voltage south America.

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MPS9335C 10-300KVA High Frequency Online Modular Type UPS

029月 2019

With the development of economy and society, the power quality of the power industry and the reliability and safety requirements of power supply are getting higher and higher.
How to compensate the power quality of the power grid (including harmonics, reactive power and unbalance) has become the focus of power grid research. In addition to continuous innovation in management, it is more urgent to adopt and promote some good technical measures to more effectively improve the reliability and safety of power supply.
SOROTEC is dedicated to solving the problem of power quality for users. The series of APF / SVG / SPC adopts modular design, which can run in parallel at the same time. The loss of the whole machine is less than 3%. It is fully suitable for various situations in industrial and civil fields, and is the best solution for power quality management.


The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of this series of products.

1.Higher compensation accuracy and stability

1)With using he quasi-4-core 28377CPU, the computing power is more than 5 times higher than 28335CPU. The 16-bit A/D sampling is adopted to support the calculation and compensation of higher harmonics. The control bandwidth is more higher than before. The switching frequency ups to 20kHz with higher control accuracy and stability.
2)When double precision sampling technology is adopted, the control frequency ups to 40kHz. It not only improves the calculation accuracy but also further improves the phase margin of the control system, thus ensuring the compensation accuracy and stability of the system.
3)The voltage sharing control technology of positive and negative dc bus is adopted to ensure the control precision of output current.。


2.Higher security

1)Providing more comprehensive protection scheme: not only support the traditional short circuit protection, but also support over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection of the driving power supply, truly achieve the IGBT fault prevention and protection, so as to ensure the safe operation of the device;(The protection threshold of conventional IGBT short-circuit protection is 3 to 5 times of the IGBT peak current, which is mainly used to prevent secondary accidents caused by the damage of IGBT. But it cannot prevent the damage of IGBT caused by the over current. The protection threshold of our company’s over current protection is 0.8 times of the IGBT peak current, which can effectively protect the safe use of IGBT.)
2)The carrier synchronization technology is adopted to ensure that the switching frequency of the parallel module is completely consistent, which can effectively avoid high-frequency circulation;


3.Higher reliability

1)The dynamic peak current limiting algorithm is adopted to ensure the maximum power output of the device’s compensation capacity and prevent overcurrent protection in the case of any wave peak ratio. So the operation reliability is higher.;
2)The real-time monitoring of electrolytic capacitor life of dc bus is supported. The working mode is adjusted according to the monitoring results to ensure the stable operation of the device and extend the service life of the electrolytic capacitor.。


4. More convenient management mode

It not only supports the random independent management and configuration mode of WIFI wireless communication, but also supports the remote unified management and configuration mode of GPRS wireless or wired communication


5.Lower power consumption

Thanks to the profound understanding of power electronics high-speed switching devices, the active power loss of 100kVA device is less than 2.5% when the device is fully loaded.


6.Other deep optimization

1)The filter capacitor with the voltage grade of 320V is adopted to ensure that the capacitor is not damaged under the responsible working condition with higher safety.
2)The relay delay shut-off design is adopted. When the device is out of operation, the relay does not shut off IGBT at the same time, so as to extend the life of the relay;
3)When the multi-module cabinet is running, if one module is out of fault, other modules can adaptively compensate the vacancy capacity . So the compensation is more stable and reliable.;
4)In the case of inductive load, the device adopts the operation mode of control power factor. In the case of capacitive load, the device can fully compensate capacitive reactive power under the premise of adequate compensation capacity. The power factor can be increased to 1 at maximum.;
5)The device supports the reactive loss of synchronous compensation transformer;
6)Supporting phase judge function, it can automatically identify phase connect wrong, connect reverse situation, and alarm prompt.


017月 2019

Switching power supply is to use electronic switching devices (such as transistors, field effect transistors, thyristors, etc.) to make electronic switching devices “turn on” and “turn off” continuously through control circuits, so that electronic switching devices can modulate the input voltage, thus realizing DC/AC, DC/DC voltage conversion, as well as adjustable and automatic voltage stabilization of the output voltage.

There are generally three modes of switching power supply: fixed frequency and pulse width mode, fixed frequency and variable pulse width mode, and variable frequency and pulse width mode. The former mode is mostly used in DC/AC inverters or DC/DC voltage conversion, while the latter two modes are mostly used in switching regulated power supply. In addition, the output voltage of switching power supply also has three working modes: direct output voltage mode, average output voltage mode and amplitude output voltage mode. Similarly, the former is mostly used in DC/AC inverters, or DC/DC voltage conversion; the latter two are mostly used in switching regulated power supply.

According to the way switching devices are connected in the circuit, switching power supply can be generally divided into three categories: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply and transformer switching power supply. Among them, transformer switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as transformer switching power supply) can be further divided into push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge and other types; According to the phase of transformer excitation and output voltage, it can be divided into forward, flyback, single and double excitation. If it is divided into uses, it can also be divided into more categories.


SP6U-48200 48V Switching Power Supply Embedded System

1.Constructed with standard 19 inch screen, which has the advantage of wide use.
2.The data center area and the installation cost can be saved due to its small size and the embedded installation.
3.Wide input voltage range (85-290Vac), the power grid is adaptable.
4.Perfect lightning protection.
5.Rectifiers are hot-pluggable. Easy and quick on line maintenance.
6.The rectifier uses DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) ology, makes the power density ran up to 14W/In3.
7.Battery management, prolongs the life of the battery well.
8.Have passed CE, UL, TLC, and other related certifications.
9.Excellent energy conservation and environmental protection.

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246月 2019

Nowadays, many people like to talk about “power quality”. There are many products of power quality, such as SVG, APF and three-phase unbalanced regulator, which have become “hot-selling products”. But what are the benefits of improving power quality for people?


Improving power quality is of great significance to the safe and economic operation of power grid, ensuring the quality of industrial products and the normal conduct of scientific experiments, and reducing energy consumption. Power quality is directly related to the overall benefits of the national economy.
Good power quality is undoubtedly beneficial to the operation of electrical equipment, but the adverse impact of poor power quality on the operation of power system has not attracted enough attention. From the point of view of harm degree, the harm of some power quality problems is destructive. For example, the overvoltage caused by harmonic resonance in lightning impulse, capacitor and cable switching often causes insulation and mechanical damage of electrical equipment, thus affecting the normal operation of power system. The misoperation of relay protection device caused by harmonic and negative sequence interference will cause huge economic losses in large-scale blackout of power grid. Short-term power supply interruption or voltage drop may lead to production chaos or a large number of industrial smelting products scrapped or even endanger personal safety. On the other hand, some power quality problems mainly affect the performance indicators of electrical equipment. For example, abnormal voltage and frequency deviation will cause the change of speed and power of asynchronous motor load, which will reduce the efficiency of transmission machinery and affect the quality of textiles, papermaking and other products. Harmonic currents circulate in transmission and distribution equipment such as rotating motors, transmission lines and transformers, which overheat these equipment due to additional losses, thus reducing the life or capacity of these equipment. However, it can not be explained that the former power quality problem is more important than the latter. The actual situation is that the latter power quality problem, due to the wide range of electrical equipment involved, has the same impact as the former power quality problem.


There have been a lot of achievements on the study of the harm of deterioration of power quality indicators to electrical equipment. However, different indicators of power quality have different effects on different equipment. Especially when there are multiple indicators of power quality, the impact of different combinations on equipment is a very complex problem. At present, there is no accurate quantitative formula, only some rough formulas and conclusions. The results can be used for engineering estimation.


Therefore, in general, the closer the power quality index is to the rated value, while ensuring continuous and reliable power supply is the symbol of high quality of power. However, from production to consumption of electric energy is an integral whole. The generation, supply and use of electric power system are always in a dynamic balance, and any link of it will have an impact on the quality of electric power. The control of power index needs considerable investment (including the improvement of power grid structure, the balance of active power and reactive power, the use of various frequency modulation, voltage regulation, filtering and reactive power compensation devices, as well as the technical management of dispatching and operation), and the control technology of various index is constantly developing and improving. In fact, the deviation between the power quality index and the rated value is inevitable. The task of formulating power quality standards is to determine the appropriate allowable deviation of power quality indicators from the current (or recent) technical level.


The criteria for judging whether the criteria are reasonable or not should be:
1.Basically, it can ensure the security, continuous power supply and economic operation of the power system.
2.On the whole, it can ensure the normal use of electricity for users’electrical equipment.
3.On the basis of the current technological level, the power sector (including interfering users) should be able to meet the standards after making certain efforts.


400V/480V/690V Static Var Generator(SVG)

Meeting users’ requirements:
-Capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation
-Three-phase unbalance compensation

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400V/480V/690V Static Var Generator(SVG)


Three-phase Balance Active Harmonic Filter(AHF)

Meeting users’ requirements:
– PF=0.99 and THDi < 5%
– Compensation for 2- to 50-order harmonics
– Capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation
– Three-phase unbalance co

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Three-phase Balance Active Harmonic Filter