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2812月 2023

what is On & Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter Integrated Machine

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About Grid-Connected Off-Grid Energy Storage All-in-One

In today’s society, energy issues are receiving increasing attention and importance from people. With the development and innovation of technology, more and more new energy devices are being introduced into daily life, among which the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine has become a much-discussed product. The grid-connected off-grid integrated machine refers to a comprehensive device that can convert solar energy and renewable energy into electricity, meet its own power generation needs, and supply power, store energy, and generate power to the grid.

Firstly, the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has become an important way to address energy issues. As a device that integrates power generation, energy storage, and supply functions, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine provides a more convenient way for people to utilize renewable energy. It can supply the locally generated electricity to the local grid system, achieving the sharing of electric energy. In this respect, it can effectively alleviate the electricity pressure on traditional power grids.

Secondly, for individual users, owning a grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can also lead to self-sufficiency. Particularly for those living in remote areas or without access to traditional power grids, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can meet their electricity needs. In regions such as Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, and others where the traditional power grid faces issues like unstable power supply and insufficient electricity, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can alleviate these to some extent. Additionally, the intelligent control system of the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine brings many conveniences to people’s lives. Users can monitor and adjust the device anytime, anywhere through a mobile phone or other smart devices, achieving energy-saving and intelligent effects.

Overall, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine is a promising new energy device that holds important significance in solving energy issues and improving the electricity environment through its intelligent and efficient performance. We hope that our company, SOROTEC, can bring more convenience to your home, industry, and business. Give us your trust, and we will provide you with worry-free after-sales service. Click the link to learn more information.

2112月 2023

SOROTEC IP65 series shockingly launched

     The industry-leading off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid solar inverters in the IP65 series have been introduced by SOROTEC,  the solar inverter manufacturer, injecting new vigor into the development of the solar energy industry. This inverter features off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid capabilities, catering to various solar energy system requirements, offering users a more stable and reliable power conversion solution.

As a key component of off-grid systems, the IP65 series inverter performs excellently even in harsh outdoor environments, with its IP65 protection rating ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment in conditions such as high humidity, high temperatures, and sandstorms. Additionally, this product series is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology to automatically adjust operating temperatures, extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing operating costs.In grid-tied systems, the IP65 series inverter also enables real-time monitoring and remote control, ensuring safe and efficient system operation. Equipped with advanced MPPT tracking technology and high-efficiency conversion technology, it significantly improves energy utilization and maximizes the overall efficiency of solar power generation systems.

Furthermore, the IP65 series inverter also incorporates hybrid functionality, supporting seamless switching between grid-tied and off-grid modes to meet user requirements for flexible system operation. Moreover, this product series includes multiple protection functions, such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and overload protection, ensuring the stable and secure operation of the system.The launch of the IP65 series inverters will undoubtedly further drive the development of the solar energy industry and provide more comprehensive solutions for solar energy systems worldwide.

This product series will become an indispensable and essential part of solar system design and construction, contributing to the sustainable utilization of clean energy in more regions. We believe that if your country also has demand, please feel free to contact us at any time for assistance and to bring you more convenience. To learn more, please contact us for details.”



3010月 2023

                                  Let me take you to explore SOROTEC’s latest production line

    👀 Check out our latest photo of SOROTEC production line located insheng Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Get further information about the Factory management of SOROTEC with the aspects :

-Production process control:
We have established a comprehensive production process control system to ensure SOP compliance and product consistency. Our employees receive professional training to ensure accuracy.

-Quality management system:
We adopt international standards and industry norms to establish a strict quality management system, implementing strict quality control and testing to meet customer needs and standards.

-Equipment maintenance and upkeep:
We regularly maintain and upkeep production equipment, minimizing interruptions and quality issues with a dedicated maintenance team.

-Safety production management:
We have established a comprehensive safety production management system, providing necessary training and protective equipment to ensure employee safety.

-Environmental protection and sustainable development:
We fulfill corporate social responsibility, complying with environmental laws and standards, reducing waste and energy consumption, and promoting renewable energy and environmentally friendly materials.

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1110月 2023


Expansion of capacity and On-grid control for solar inverters

      Solar power has become an important part of global sustainable development. With the rapid growth of solar power capacity, achieving capacity expansion and grid control for solar inverters has become an important topic.

Recently, an innovative technology regarding capacity expansion and grid control for solar inverters has attracted widespread attention. In the past few decades, the capacity of solar inverters has been a key factor limiting solar power generation. Traditional inverters have limited capacity and cannot cope with the growing solar power capacity. However, now, SOROTEC successfully developed a new type of solar inverter that can achieve capacity expansion and grid control to meet the increasing demand for solar power generation capacity and grid access. Through innovative design and a leading team, SOROTEC’s solar inverters enable flexible expansion of capacity. Traditional inverters typically can only handle a fixed number of solar panels, but SOROTEC’s inverters support parallel connections of multiple solar panels, allowing for easy capacity expansion according to demand. This means that users can gradually increase the number of solar panels based on their actual situation, without the need to replace the entire inverter system. This innovation not only lowers costs but also enhances system flexibility.Another important issue is grid control. Solar power generation systems need to connect the generated electricity to the grid for supply to users or for storage. However, strict control and management of the grid are necessary to ensure stable operation and safety. SOROTEC’s inverters have advanced grid control capabilities, guaranteeing a smooth connection between the solar power system and the grid. The inverters monitor the grid conditions through intelligent control algorithms and adjust the electricity output of the solar power system in a timely manner to meet the requirements of the grid. This technology ensures not only the stability of the grid but also the protection of the solar power system and users’ safety.

In summary, the capacity expansion and grid control of solar inverters are crucial issues in addressing the increasing solar power generation capacity and grid access requirements. SOROTEC has addressed this problem through the development of innovative inverter technology. Our inverters enable flexible capacity expansion, allowing users to gradually increase the number of solar panels as needed. At the same time, the inverters have advanced grid control capabilities, ensuring a secure connection between the solar power system and the grid. This innovative technology will further drive the development of solar power generation and promote the application of sustainable energy.If you would like to learn more about SOROTEC’s grid-connected inverters, please feel free to contact me at any time.

289月 2023

SOROTEC takes you to know the story about new energy inverters

As the global demand for clean energy continues to increase, new energy inverters, as key power conversion equipment, are playing an important role. As a leading company in the field of new energy, SOROTEC has brought us many eye-catching innovation stories.

While meeting different energy power generation needs, hybrid inverters have become an important technology for SOROTEC. By intelligently optimizing the input of different energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy for intelligent optimization management, hybrid inverters can improve energy utilization efficiency, achieve multi-energy complementation, and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. Off-grid inverters are another area of ​​concern. In some remote areas or emergency situations where traditional grid power supply is unstable or unable to meet demand, off-grid inverters become a very valuable solution. SOROTEC ‘S off-grid inverter can convert solar energy or other renewable energy into stable alternating current and store it in lithium iron phosphate batteries to ensure continuous power supply. At the same time, Thoride has also developed a container-type energy storage system, which integrates the energy storage device into a container to make it portable and flexible. This container-type energy storage system can be used in the field of industrial and commercial energy storage to provide efficient and reliable power reserve and emergency power supply solutions for industrial plants, commercial buildings, etc.

As an industry leader, Soled has been committed to promoting the innovation and application of new energy inverter technology. In the field of industrial and commercial energy storage, SOROTEC ‘S grid-connected inverters play an important role in achieving efficient transmission and distribution of power. Through intelligent dispatching and monitoring functions, SOROTEC ‘S grid-connected inverters achieve high-precision control of power loads, enabling interaction and optimization between the power grid and users. SOROTEC ‘S new energy inverter technology is not just at the product level, they are also actively involved in R&D and innovation in the energy field. By integrating with the Energy Internet, SOROTEC is exploring more intelligent and efficient energy management solutions to help the development of global clean energy. The story of SOROTEC tells us that as an important link in the clean energy industry chain, new energy inverters play an indispensable role in promoting energy transformation and sustainable development. With its innovative technology and excellent quality, Thoride continues to bring new opportunities and breakthroughs to the industry, helping us build a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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