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2812月 2023

what is On & Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter Integrated Machine

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About Grid-Connected Off-Grid Energy Storage All-in-One

In today’s society, energy issues are receiving increasing attention and importance from people. With the development and innovation of technology, more and more new energy devices are being introduced into daily life, among which the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine has become a much-discussed product. The grid-connected off-grid integrated machine refers to a comprehensive device that can convert solar energy and renewable energy into electricity, meet its own power generation needs, and supply power, store energy, and generate power to the grid.

Firstly, the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has become an important way to address energy issues. As a device that integrates power generation, energy storage, and supply functions, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine provides a more convenient way for people to utilize renewable energy. It can supply the locally generated electricity to the local grid system, achieving the sharing of electric energy. In this respect, it can effectively alleviate the electricity pressure on traditional power grids.

Secondly, for individual users, owning a grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can also lead to self-sufficiency. Particularly for those living in remote areas or without access to traditional power grids, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can meet their electricity needs. In regions such as Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, and others where the traditional power grid faces issues like unstable power supply and insufficient electricity, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can alleviate these to some extent. Additionally, the intelligent control system of the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine brings many conveniences to people’s lives. Users can monitor and adjust the device anytime, anywhere through a mobile phone or other smart devices, achieving energy-saving and intelligent effects.

Overall, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine is a promising new energy device that holds important significance in solving energy issues and improving the electricity environment through its intelligent and efficient performance. We hope that our company, SOROTEC, can bring more convenience to your home, industry, and business. Give us your trust, and we will provide you with worry-free after-sales service. Click the link to learn more information. https://www.sorosolar.com/telecom-power-solutions/

2112月 2023

SOROTEC IP65 series shockingly launched

     The industry-leading off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid solar inverters in the IP65 series have been introduced by SOROTEC,  https://www.sorotecpower.com/products-detail-1076735  the solar inverter manufacturer, injecting new vigor into the development of the solar energy industry. This inverter features off-grid, grid-tied, and hybrid capabilities, catering to various solar energy system requirements, offering users a more stable and reliable power conversion solution.

As a key component of off-grid systems, the IP65 series inverter performs excellently even in harsh outdoor environments, with its IP65 protection rating ensuring the reliability and stability of the equipment in conditions such as high humidity, high temperatures, and sandstorms. Additionally, this product series is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology to automatically adjust operating temperatures, extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing operating costs.In grid-tied systems, the IP65 series inverter also enables real-time monitoring and remote control, ensuring safe and efficient system operation. Equipped with advanced MPPT tracking technology and high-efficiency conversion technology, it significantly improves energy utilization and maximizes the overall efficiency of solar power generation systems.

Furthermore, the IP65 series inverter also incorporates hybrid functionality, supporting seamless switching between grid-tied and off-grid modes to meet user requirements for flexible system operation. Moreover, this product series includes multiple protection functions, such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, and overload protection, ensuring the stable and secure operation of the system.The launch of the IP65 series inverters will undoubtedly further drive the development of the solar energy industry and provide more comprehensive solutions for solar energy systems worldwide.

This product series will become an indispensable and essential part of solar system design and construction, contributing to the sustainable utilization of clean energy in more regions. We believe that if your country also has demand, please feel free to contact us at any time for assistance and to bring you more convenience. To learn more, please contact us for details.” https://www.sorotecpower.com/products-23645



2511月 2023

How to Choose a Good Communication Base StationIn?

      Recent years, the demand for communication base stations has been increasing. When choosing a suitable communication base station, customers need to consider some key factors.

First, how to choose a reliable and high-quality manufacturer?

SOROTEC Corporation is a well-known manufacturer with its own factory https://www.sorotecpower.com/ . Established in 2006, the company has been deeply involved in the energy storage industry for more than 17 years. In recent years, the SHW48500 series of solar power generation systems for telecom stations has been highly praised.

What is the configuration of SOROTEC ‘s communication base stations?

The configuration is flexible with a compact size. They adopt a standard cabinet width design and support DCDC(PV) and ATS device connections, which can meet the needs of different scenarios.

What functions does it have?

It has the function of intelligent cooperative detection of machine operation parameters and control parameter adjustments for battery under-voltage, overload, and overcharge. This effectively protects the stability and safety of the equipment. With efficient and stable DC/DC conversion, MPPT, battery constant current, and temperature compensation functions, it further improves energy utilization efficiency. Advanced microprocessor control technology ensures precise control and efficient performance of the equipment. The advanced MPPT technology can increase the conversion efficiency to more than 97%, minimizing energy loss. It also has functions such as night-time backflow protection, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection, providing strong guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, users can choose suitable charging methods based on different battery types to further improve battery life.

What level of protection does SOROTEC ‘s communication base stations have?

They have IP55 industry-leading power density, compact size, and high reliability. The door frame adopts a waterproof structure design with sealing strips and waterproof locks for double insulation. The cabinet is made of high-quality galvanized or aluminum-plated steel plates, with a surface coating of anti-UV power. It is suitable for outdoor installation. It also has a remote monitoring system for operation.

In conclusion, when choosing a communication base station, customers should consider whether it has a flexible configuration, intelligent control function, and efficient energy utilization. It should be able to meet various customer needs and provide stable and reliable communication services. Best-selling all over the world, we are shipping in large quantities. If you are interested, please contact me.

Email: ella@soroups.com or add my wechat/whatsapp:8613510865777


129月 2023

As the demand for solar energy continues to rise, more and more homeowners are installing solar panels on their homes. To optimize the efficiency of these panels, a key component is the microinverter. However, many newcomers to the world of microinverters often make some serious mistakes that can affect the performance of a solar system.

In this article, we’ll highlight seven of the worst mistakes hot microinverter rookies make and offer valuable advice on how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong 1200W Solar Inverter A common mistake is not selecting the proper solar inverter with the correct power capacity for your solar panel system. Ensuring that your microinverter can handle the maximum power output from your solar panels is critical. Consider a reliable brand like SOROTEC solar inverters, which offer solid performance and quality assurance.

Mistake #2: Ignoring the Importance of Microinverters Some homeowners may underestimate the importance of microinverters in a solar panel system. Microinverters convert the direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) for home use. Without a functioning microinverter, the performance of the entire solar system can suffer.

Mistake #3: Ignoring the benefits of hybrid and grid inverters For homeowners, investing in a hybrid inverter or grid inverter may be a wise choice. Hybrid inverters can integrate energy storage, allowing you to take full advantage of solar energy both day and night. Grid inverters, on the other hand, are able to sell excess electricity back to the grid, bringing you potential financial benefits.

Mistake #4: Not Considering Off-Grid and On-Grid Systems While off-grid solar systems are independent of the utility grid, grid-tied systems provide a seamless connection to the grid for reliable power supply and potential net metering benefits. It is critical to assess your energy needs and consider the pros and cons of each system before making a decision.

Mistake #5: Neglecting Microinverter Maintenance and Troubleshooting Like any other electronic device, microinverters require regular maintenance and troubleshooting. Neglecting this can lead to reduced efficiency and potential system failure. Learn about proper maintenance procedures and address any issues promptly to ensure the life and performance of your microinverter.

Mistake #6: Using Bad Inverter Batteries When using an off-grid solar system or a hybrid system, it is critical to choose a high-quality inverter battery. These batteries store the excess energy produced by the solar panels for later use. Choosing a reliable brand like SOROTEC can ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your system.

Mistake #7: Ignoring the Importance of Pure Sine Wave Inverters Pure sine wave inverters are essential for powering delicate electronics. They provide clean, consistent power, which is critical to protecting your electronics from potential damage. Make sure your micro inverter is equipped with a pure sine wave inverter to avoid any potential hazards. By avoiding these seven common mistakes, homeowners can get the most out of their solar panel systems and achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Remember to invest in a reliable microinverter brand, such as SOROTEC, and consider your home’s specific needs when choosing the right solar panel system. For more information about SOROTEC hot selling IP67 micro inverter, please visit       https://www.soropower.com/

129月 2023

         Solar inverters play a vital role in the renewable energy sector. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the intelligent and networked functions of solar inverters have been continuously improved, which has brought great convenience to the management and operation of solar power generation systems. Early solar inverters could only achieve simple power conversion, but now intelligent inverters have become an important part of solar power generation systems.


    In terms of intelligence, Soled is one of the leading companies in the industry. Sorotec’s smart solar inverters use advanced technology and have functions such as automatic diagnosis, remote monitoring and intelligent management. For example, through the remote monitoring system, users can understand the status of the solar power generation system in real time, including important parameters such as power generation, voltage and current. At the same time, the system can automatically diagnose faults and send alarms in a timely manner, greatly improving the reliability of the equipment and the convenience of maintenance. In terms of networking, Sorotec ‘s inverters can be connected to the cloud platform through the built-in Wi-Fi module, allowing users to remotely control the solar power generation system through smartphones or computers. Through the cloud platform, users can easily monitor, optimize and manage multiple solar inverters, and understand the operation of the system at any time. This provides users with greater convenience and speed, and also improves the efficiency of energy management.

        In addition to being intelligent and networked, Sorotec ‘s solar inverters have also made significant breakthroughs in energy conversion efficiency. By using advanced power electronics technology, Sorotec ‘s inverters are able to achieve higher conversion efficiency and maximize the output power of the solar power generation system. This can not only reduce users’ operating costs, but also reduce dependence on the power grid and promote the sustainable development of renewable energy.

        In the future, the intelligent and networked functions of solar inverters will continue to develop and expand. SOROTEC is committed to providing users with more intelligent and efficient solar power generation solutions and promoting the widespread application of renewable energy. If you want to know more about Soropower’s products and technical information, please visit Soropower’s official website: https://www.soropower.com/