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2812月 2023

what is On & Off Grid Energy Storage Inverter Integrated Machine

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About Grid-Connected Off-Grid Energy Storage All-in-One

In today’s society, energy issues are receiving increasing attention and importance from people. With the development and innovation of technology, more and more new energy devices are being introduced into daily life, among which the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine has become a much-discussed product. The grid-connected off-grid integrated machine refers to a comprehensive device that can convert solar energy and renewable energy into electricity, meet its own power generation needs, and supply power, store energy, and generate power to the grid.

Firstly, the use of renewable energy, especially solar energy, has become an important way to address energy issues. As a device that integrates power generation, energy storage, and supply functions, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine provides a more convenient way for people to utilize renewable energy. It can supply the locally generated electricity to the local grid system, achieving the sharing of electric energy. In this respect, it can effectively alleviate the electricity pressure on traditional power grids.

Secondly, for individual users, owning a grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can also lead to self-sufficiency. Particularly for those living in remote areas or without access to traditional power grids, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can meet their electricity needs. In regions such as Asia, Africa, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, and others where the traditional power grid faces issues like unstable power supply and insufficient electricity, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine can alleviate these to some extent. Additionally, the intelligent control system of the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine brings many conveniences to people’s lives. Users can monitor and adjust the device anytime, anywhere through a mobile phone or other smart devices, achieving energy-saving and intelligent effects.

Overall, the grid-connected off-grid integrated machine is a promising new energy device that holds important significance in solving energy issues and improving the electricity environment through its intelligent and efficient performance. We hope that our company, SOROTEC, can bring more convenience to your home, industry, and business. Give us your trust, and we will provide you with worry-free after-sales service. Click the link to learn more information. https://www.sorosolar.com/telecom-power-solutions/

2710月 2023

Successful Conclusion of the 2023 Autumn Canton Fair

The 2023 Autumn Canton Fair was recently held in Guangzhou with great success. The first phase of the 134th Canton Fair, held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex, has come to a satisfactory close. According to statistics from the organizing committee, over 100,000 overseas buyers from 210 countries and regions worldwide attended the fair, including nearly 70,000 buyers from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. As a leading company in the field of photovoltaic energy storage, Shenzhen SOROTEC Electronics Co., Ltd. https://www.soropower.com/  actively participated in the fair, effectively expanding its brand influence and creating more business opportunities.

This edition of the Canton Fair was the largest in history, featuring a wide variety of exhibits, attracting companies and professional buyers from all over the world and becoming a grand event for global trade cooperation. Over 300,000 exhibitors gathered at the Canton Fair Complex during the 5-day event, showcasing various products and services. The exhibition covered industries such as electronics, household products, textiles, machinery, and more, helping exhibitors establish a broad range of business connections with buyers. The fair’s special exhibition areas were diverse and rich, including sections for showcasing independent brands and innovative technology products, green and environmentally friendly products, intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence. Each exhibition area attracted a large number of visitors and buyers, promoting technical exchanges and business negotiations


SOROTEC showcased its technological achievements in the field of photovoltaic energy storage through green-themed booths, technical exchanges, and product presentations, sparking enthusiastic inquiries from numerous new and existing customers. Significantly, SOROTEC’S IP65 European standard energy storage inverters (1P/3P), hybrid inverters, off-grid inverters, and All-in-One energy storage systems garnered significant attention from overseas buyers, attracting customers from regions including Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

The Autumn Canton Fair also hosted a series of peak forums, seminars, and trade negotiations aimed at strengthening communication and collaboration among participating exhibitors. Representatives discussed and shared insights on future trade trends, market prospects, and cross-border cooperation, providing more business opportunities for exhibitors. Many Chinese companies showcased their innovative technology and high-quality products, further enhancing the competitiveness and reputation of China’s manufacturing industry. At the same time, domestic and foreign enterprises strengthened cooperation and expanded their international markets through the platform provided by the Canton Fair.

After the exhibition, exhibitors expressed great satisfaction with the business and cooperation opportunities they obtained at the Canton Fair, and appreciated the dedication and professionalism of the fair’s organizers. The successful hosting of the 2023 Autumn Canton Fair not only promoted international trade cooperation but also injected new impetus into the further development of the manufacturing industry in China. Looking ahead, the Canton Fair will continue to influence the global trade landscape, serving as an important platform for promoting international economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, facilitating collaboration between enterprises from various countries, driving global economic development, and contributing to the construction of an open world economy.

3012月 2019

On Oct 15th 2019, as one of the most important trade promotion platforms for Chinese enterprises to expand the global market, Canton Fair in Guangzhou focused on highlighting innovation driven, and “independent brand” became a high-frequency word of Canton Fair.

Xu Bing, a spokesman for the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said that the domestic and foreign environment faced by China’s foreign trade development this year is more complex and uncertain. The majority of exhibitors accelerated quality improvement and innovation, and continued to make efforts in technology research and development, product innovation, brand cultivation, etc., with high technology, high quality, high added value and independent brand products emerging.

Many independent innovative R & D products are welcomed by the market. At the same time, purchasers are less sensitive to price and pay more attention to the technology, brand, quality and service of products.

In this exhibition, Sorotec‘s products have attracted many customers and been widely praised. Especially Revo II. Revo II is a hybrid pure sine wave solar inverter. Its particular touch screen makes it more convenient to operate. It can parallel up to 9 pcs. The maximum power is 49.5KW. It has four working modes. Especially in the “Solar+AC” working mode, the solar and AC mains can charge the battery and power the loads together. It is the maximum use of the solar energy. The solar energy utilization is over 15% than other solar inverter. Revo series can start and work without battery, and also can work with lithium battery. This product has a strong comprehensive competitiveness.

Sorotec not only has the most advanced scientific research technology in the field. The products are of high gold content. And Sorotec is willing to accept and create new things. This has been unanimously recognized by all customers.


157月 2019

In early March 2019, Solar Middle East will be held in conjunction with Middle East Electricity, the world’s largest Electricity show, at the dubai international convention and exhibition center in the united Arab emirates.


SOROTEC sent a team of engineers and salesman to go to the exhibition, the exhibition are all series launch of the first half of the power supply in the field of new product, not only has the most advanced scientific research technology, and greatly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, product gold content is high, let a person find everything new and fresh, get the new and old customers consistent recognition and praise.



In this exhibition, all the employees of the company actively contribute their ideas and Suggestions for the development, and all departments actively cooperate and make efforts, showing the good teamwork spirit of solide employees.We firmly believe that under the wise leadership of the company and the unremitting efforts of solide team, solide will surely achieve a new high!Continue to be brilliant!


087月 2019

On June 5, the SNEC 2019 PV POWER EXPO came to a successful conclusion.”Global green energy and photovoltaic financial summit” will bring together senior experts and stakeholders of photovoltaic industry to discuss and deal with challenges and opportunities of industry development.The global photovoltaic industry, especially in China, is developing rapidly and the market is growing significantly.The integration of household photovoltaic, distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, big data + artificial intelligence, smart energy micro grid, Internet of things and other industries is getting closer.The rapid growth of the renewable energy industry has also created a huge demand for capital.Innovation green finance, adapt to the new trend of development to become a new topic of industry development.In order to adapt to the new trend of finance, new energy and Internet digitization, the conference will explore how to integrate the three major elements of finance, new energy and energy Internet, how to tap the potential of each to promote mutual promotion, form a new pattern, and promote the restructuring of energy system in the global society.


After careful preparation, SOROTEC rely on the exquisite technical level, the world’s leading research and development technology, scientific laboratory, high performance of all kinds of power equipment once again become one of the highlights in the industry.The ingenious design and accurate research data have attracted many Chinese and foreign merchants to stop to watch and consult.Many buyers have brought technical problems in the field of power supply. After the technical guidance and optimization of internal components by our high-quality engineers, many customers are satisfied and purchase intention is reached on the spot.