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There have been customers bought a low-cost medical grade UPS, the power supply is 5V 200mA, hundreds of batches of the unit price is $5. The device sells tens of thousands of dollars. The surprisingly low price of power seems pretty good. After opening this power supply, it is found that it has only one […]

In commercial application design, if the quality is guaranteed, it is easy to directly select the lowest price product after the comparation. At this time, the product with lowest price and common quality is often the winner, and the best quality products are unpopular. This is not bad for those soon to be abandoned or […]

Safety and isolation are also a major difference between commercial power supply and medical power supply, which is related to safety assurances for medical staff and medical personnel who use the device. Although human skin is considered a good insulator, once very small AC currents are applied to the heart, it can lead to heart […]

The leakage current is the current flowing into the ground through the earth conductor. In ungrounded situations, if there is a conductive path (such as human body), the current may flow from the surface of the conductive component or the non-conductive part to the ground. An external current is always present in the safety grounding […]

The power used in medical CT machine, X-ray apparatus are relatively large, once the power off require a longer backup time. General Electric preparation industry standard is 2 hours long, but SOROTEC suggested that, for better operational experience and prevent the city power outage time is too long, the backup time of CT machine is […]