HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS

  • HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS
  • HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS
  • HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS
  • HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS

HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS Typical application

Data center, bank station, network , telecom station, office, automatic equipment,monitor equipment, control system

Highly flexible and extendable
Battery can choose

1.Battery voltage can be choice depend on capacity , can satisfy different requirement.
2.Convenience to get more back up time and lower system invests
3.Convenience to save cost of battery
4.Intelligent battery monitors
Charge current can be adjust
5.Standant charge current 4A
6.Support more discharge time and more capacity battery for 8A charger
Input topology design
7.Support three phase input or single phase input for three phase online high frequency UPS
8.Super wide input voltage and frequency range suitable for bad power electirc environment
9.Digital control DSP technology and best power component make the system safe and reliable

Multifunction friendly design
Advanced parallel technology

1.Stable parallel control technology make sure current sharing to 1%
2.Select trip technology can avoid and isolation system fault then improved system availability
3.Flexible extension capacity and redundance management that can satisfy all kinds of requirements
4.Support maximum 3 units for parallel working
Flexible strategy
5.On line mode provides higher system availability
6.High efficiency mode provides more economic operation
7.Frequency conversion provides more stable output

Higher function
Output power factor up to 0.9

1.Output power factor is 0.9 that mean can take more load, if you take same load that can get higher reliability.
Input power factors up to 0.99
2.Three phase input model support three phase PFC , input THDI<5%
3.Output voltage regulation 1%, frequency regulation 0.1%, parallel current sharing 1%.
The efficiency up to 94%
4.Efficiency up to 93.5%when take the 30%load
5.ECO mode efficiency up to 98%


HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS Technical specifications

ModelHP9116C    Plus 1-3KVA
Rated Power1KVA/0.9KW2KVA/1.8KW3KVA/2.7KW
Rated Voltage220/230/240VAC
Rated Frequency40/70 Hz
Rated Frequency
Voltage Range115~300VAC (±3VAC)
THDi50HZ: (46~54HZ);    60HZ:(56HZ~64HZ)
Power Factor> 0.98
Voltage Regulation220±2%VAC
Frequency    Regulation50/60 Hz±0.05Hz
Power Factor0.9
Voltage DistortionLinear load<4% Non-linear load<7%
Overload Capability110%~150% for 47-25 sec;150%~200% for 25 -300ms; >200% for 200m
Current Crest Ratio3∶1
Transfer Time0ms (AC mode→Battery mode)
Efficiency(on line mode)89%90%90%
DC Voltage24 VDC36 VDC48 VDC72 VDC72VDC96VDC
Recharge Time7hrs to 90% of capacity
Recharge Current1A6A1A6A1A6A
LCDDisplay input/output Voltage, Frequency, Battery voltag, Battery capacity, Loading rate.
InterfaceSmart RS232, SNMP(Optional),USB (Optional)
Operation    Temperature0~40℃
Humidity20~90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature-25℃~55℃
Sea Level Elevation<1500m
Noise Level (1m)<45dB<50dB
Physics    Characteristic
Dimensions: Wx D x H )mm145X345X229192X393X328


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The module online high frequency UPS integrates the advantages of centralized and decentralized power supply topology, introduced the concept of the regional power supply from the design. If separated in several areas of a large data center, in each region configure a set or two sets (redundant) 3A3 UPS power supply system, directly placed in the area near the load, power supply through the switchboard on the cabinet. In this way, each region is centralized power supply, centralized management, and among different region is the decentralized power supply independently, so is wiring. 3A3 online high frequency UPS power supply has the advantages of decentralized which is flexible configuration, allowing gradual investment, not easy to produce a large area of paralysis, but also has the advantages of centralized which is easy to manage.

Humanized operation interface and perfect power management software. Parallel operation system uses the big screen LCD as the operating interface, shows operation and information read. With the latest version of the monitoring software, power management becomes easier. If use the optional SNMP card, can be more remote monitoring.

HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS