22Sep 2015

2015 Exhibition Information of SORO
March 16-20th SORO will attend CeBIT 2015 (Hannover, Germany ), Booth No. is Hall 12 ,C88


April 15-19th SORO will attend 117th Canton Fair during April 15-19th, 2015(Consumer electronics Exhibition area)Booth No. is Hall 10.3,K30


Jun 04-06th SORO will attend 2015 Intersolar Europe( Germany ),Booth NO.is hall B3,480G


22Sep 2015


Welcome to visit us in Guangzhou


We will attend 117th The Chiness Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) from April 15th~19th ,Welcome to visit us for further business .
We will show our newest UPS (modular ups )and solar inverter there ,and will have some gifts for you 
Date: April 15 to 19 
Booth No: Hall 10.3,K30
See you at Canton Fair 2015,Guangzhou, China 



22Sep 2015

CeBIT 2015 (Hannover, Germany )

SORO will attend CeBIT 2015 (Hannover, Germany ),Welcome to visit our booth .We will show our newest Modular UPS ,and will have some gifts for you
Date: March 16-20th
Booth No: Hall 12,C88

02Sep 2019

With the development of economy and society, the power quality of the power industry and the reliability and safety requirements of power supply are getting higher and higher.
How to compensate the power quality of the power grid (including harmonics, reactive power and unbalance) has become the focus of power grid research. In addition to continuous innovation in management, it is more urgent to adopt and promote some good technical measures to more effectively improve the reliability and safety of power supply.
SOROTEC is dedicated to solving the problem of power quality for users. The series of APF / SVG / SPC adopts modular design, which can run in parallel at the same time. The loss of the whole machine is less than 3%. It is fully suitable for various situations in industrial and civil fields, and is the best solution for power quality management.


The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of this series of products.

1.Higher compensation accuracy and stability

1)With using he quasi-4-core 28377CPU, the computing power is more than 5 times higher than 28335CPU. The 16-bit A/D sampling is adopted to support the calculation and compensation of higher harmonics. The control bandwidth is more higher than before. The switching frequency ups to 20kHz with higher control accuracy and stability.
2)When double precision sampling technology is adopted, the control frequency ups to 40kHz. It not only improves the calculation accuracy but also further improves the phase margin of the control system, thus ensuring the compensation accuracy and stability of the system.
3)The voltage sharing control technology of positive and negative dc bus is adopted to ensure the control precision of output current.。


2.Higher security

1)Providing more comprehensive protection scheme: not only support the traditional short circuit protection, but also support over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection of the driving power supply, truly achieve the IGBT fault prevention and protection, so as to ensure the safe operation of the device;(The protection threshold of conventional IGBT short-circuit protection is 3 to 5 times of the IGBT peak current, which is mainly used to prevent secondary accidents caused by the damage of IGBT. But it cannot prevent the damage of IGBT caused by the over current. The protection threshold of our company’s over current protection is 0.8 times of the IGBT peak current, which can effectively protect the safe use of IGBT.)
2)The carrier synchronization technology is adopted to ensure that the switching frequency of the parallel module is completely consistent, which can effectively avoid high-frequency circulation;


3.Higher reliability

1)The dynamic peak current limiting algorithm is adopted to ensure the maximum power output of the device’s compensation capacity and prevent overcurrent protection in the case of any wave peak ratio. So the operation reliability is higher.;
2)The real-time monitoring of electrolytic capacitor life of dc bus is supported. The working mode is adjusted according to the monitoring results to ensure the stable operation of the device and extend the service life of the electrolytic capacitor.。


4. More convenient management mode

It not only supports the random independent management and configuration mode of WIFI wireless communication, but also supports the remote unified management and configuration mode of GPRS wireless or wired communication


5.Lower power consumption

Thanks to the profound understanding of power electronics high-speed switching devices, the active power loss of 100kVA device is less than 2.5% when the device is fully loaded.


6.Other deep optimization

1)The filter capacitor with the voltage grade of 320V is adopted to ensure that the capacitor is not damaged under the responsible working condition with higher safety.
2)The relay delay shut-off design is adopted. When the device is out of operation, the relay does not shut off IGBT at the same time, so as to extend the life of the relay;
3)When the multi-module cabinet is running, if one module is out of fault, other modules can adaptively compensate the vacancy capacity . So the compensation is more stable and reliable.;
4)In the case of inductive load, the device adopts the operation mode of control power factor. In the case of capacitive load, the device can fully compensate capacitive reactive power under the premise of adequate compensation capacity. The power factor can be increased to 1 at maximum.;
5)The device supports the reactive loss of synchronous compensation transformer;
6)Supporting phase judge function, it can automatically identify phase connect wrong, connect reverse situation, and alarm prompt.


29Jul 2019

Summer is coming, everywhere is full of vitality, after the Dragon Boat Festival, it is obviously hot up.Taking advantage of the cool weather, Colleagues from sales department decided to set out for Phoenix mountain.

Colleagues left the busy work, went to the nature to breathe the fresh air and do exercise .We closed to nature and felt its vitality, also for our new friends to join thesales department . To promote mutual understanding and communication, Strengthen our team spirit, build and foster a sense of cooperation , our “phoenix mountain brigades” began!

Start climbing!Everyone in good spirits and high spirits, striving towards the top of the mountain.Although some partners due to physical reasons to slow down the pace of climbing, but they encourage each other, mutual support, everywhere reflects the strength of unity.After about one and a half hours, all reach the peak. The mountain wind blew dry our sweat, we looked around, really have a list of small mountains feeling,All the beautiful scenery in the mountains panoramic was viewed, Filled with green mountains, let us felt particularly touched.

This mountaineering activity is more of a contest of physical strength and endurance.In the process of climbing, the team members always carry forward the spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, unity and cooperation, striving for progress and scaling new heights . Not only experienced the difficulty and sense of achievement of mountaineering, but also demonstrated that SOROTEC partners are a high-quality team of unity and forging ahead and indomitable struggle.The activities enhance the collective sense of honor of employees, enhance the communication between employees, shorten the distance between each other, and greatly enhance the collective cohesion.We should learn to experience the beauty of nature, to enjoy nature, enjoy the endless joy of spring, return to nature, relax and embrace nature.This activity promotes the construction of huaantai enterprise culture, enrichs the staff’s spare time cultural life, promotes the communication between all of us, and enhances the friendship between all of us.

15Jul 2019

In early March 2019, Solar Middle East will be held in conjunction with Middle East Electricity, the world’s largest Electricity show, at the dubai international convention and exhibition center in the united Arab emirates.


SOROTEC sent a team of engineers and salesman to go to the exhibition, the exhibition are all series launch of the first half of the power supply in the field of new product, not only has the most advanced scientific research technology, and greatly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of products, product gold content is high, let a person find everything new and fresh, get the new and old customers consistent recognition and praise.



In this exhibition, all the employees of the company actively contribute their ideas and Suggestions for the development, and all departments actively cooperate and make efforts, showing the good teamwork spirit of solide employees.We firmly believe that under the wise leadership of the company and the unremitting efforts of solide team, solide will surely achieve a new high!Continue to be brilliant!


08Jul 2019

On June 5, the SNEC 2019 PV POWER EXPO came to a successful conclusion.”Global green energy and photovoltaic financial summit” will bring together senior experts and stakeholders of photovoltaic industry to discuss and deal with challenges and opportunities of industry development.The global photovoltaic industry, especially in China, is developing rapidly and the market is growing significantly.The integration of household photovoltaic, distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, big data + artificial intelligence, smart energy micro grid, Internet of things and other industries is getting closer.The rapid growth of the renewable energy industry has also created a huge demand for capital.Innovation green finance, adapt to the new trend of development to become a new topic of industry development.In order to adapt to the new trend of finance, new energy and Internet digitization, the conference will explore how to integrate the three major elements of finance, new energy and energy Internet, how to tap the potential of each to promote mutual promotion, form a new pattern, and promote the restructuring of energy system in the global society.


After careful preparation, SOROTEC rely on the exquisite technical level, the world’s leading research and development technology, scientific laboratory, high performance of all kinds of power equipment once again become one of the highlights in the industry.The ingenious design and accurate research data have attracted many Chinese and foreign merchants to stop to watch and consult.Many buyers have brought technical problems in the field of power supply. After the technical guidance and optimization of internal components by our high-quality engineers, many customers are satisfied and purchase intention is reached on the spot.



01Jul 2019

Switching power supply is to use electronic switching devices (such as transistors, field effect transistors, thyristors, etc.) to make electronic switching devices “turn on” and “turn off” continuously through control circuits, so that electronic switching devices can modulate the input voltage, thus realizing DC/AC, DC/DC voltage conversion, as well as adjustable and automatic voltage stabilization of the output voltage.

There are generally three modes of switching power supply: fixed frequency and pulse width mode, fixed frequency and variable pulse width mode, and variable frequency and pulse width mode. The former mode is mostly used in DC/AC inverters or DC/DC voltage conversion, while the latter two modes are mostly used in switching regulated power supply. In addition, the output voltage of switching power supply also has three working modes: direct output voltage mode, average output voltage mode and amplitude output voltage mode. Similarly, the former is mostly used in DC/AC inverters, or DC/DC voltage conversion; the latter two are mostly used in switching regulated power supply.

According to the way switching devices are connected in the circuit, switching power supply can be generally divided into three categories: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply and transformer switching power supply. Among them, transformer switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as transformer switching power supply) can be further divided into push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge and other types; According to the phase of transformer excitation and output voltage, it can be divided into forward, flyback, single and double excitation. If it is divided into uses, it can also be divided into more categories.


SP6U-48200 48V Switching Power Supply Embedded System

1.Constructed with standard 19 inch screen, which has the advantage of wide use.
2.The data center area and the installation cost can be saved due to its small size and the embedded installation.
3.Wide input voltage range (85-290Vac), the power grid is adaptable.
4.Perfect lightning protection.
5.Rectifiers are hot-pluggable. Easy and quick on line maintenance.
6.The rectifier uses DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) ology, makes the power density ran up to 14W/In3.
7.Battery management, prolongs the life of the battery well.
8.Have passed CE, UL, TLC, and other related certifications.
9.Excellent energy conservation and environmental protection.

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