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SOROTEC is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in data center UPS, and the UPS is suitable for IDC (Internet Data Center) , computing center, ISP (Internet Service Provider ),Telecom,Finance bank and securities,Tax, hospital system, industrial automation, precision equipment, etc.

MPS9335C 10-300KVA Modular UPS (Modular type UPS)1HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPSHP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS
MPS9335C 10-300KVA Modular UPS HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPSHP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

VRLA batteries are commonly used in three-phase sources of UPS systems. Because of its weight and size, data centers need to have an enhanced load bearing structure. The performance characteristics of VRLA batteries will also be affected by temperature, thus increasing the load of the air conditioning system. VRLA batteries are not particularly durable and […]

Modular data center based on the form of a new generation of cloud computing data center, in order to deal with the development trend of cloud computing, virtualization, centralized and high density server, it adopts a modular design concept, reduce the maximum coupling of infrastructure in the room environment. The subsystems of power supply, distribution, […]

The equipment in IDC is very important. Servers, computers, monitoring and so on, all above need to be ensured normal power supply, especially the transmission and reception of data on the network. These are all used for servers, so the reliability of servers is guaranteed. Sudden power failure, instant voltage and current at incoming calls […]

In the Internet industry, the blackout affects the entire chain, while consumers in the end, they behoove blaming enterprises, while enterprises are suffering: company website system hosted in the IDC room, they are also victims. Although the power cutoff accident is due to equipment problems of power companies, but the ultimate responsibility for the outage […]