1.Check the power equipment regularly. Pay attention to the environment temperature and equipment operation status of the computer room, use the power supply monitoring system to monitor all kinds of operation parameters of the power equipment in real time, and find out the problems in time.

2.Power inspection content. Whether the configuration of the module is reasonable; Whether the charge current limit is correct or not; System AC voltage and current, DC floating charging voltage, load current, battery supplementary electric current, fan running status and lightning protection device status; Whether the running parameters of the monitoring module are correct or not; Whether the temperature compensation is normally used; Whether the module’s average flow is less than 5%; Battery insurance and connection bar temperature rise; Whether the battery is climbing acid, leaking or bulging; The ambient temperature of the machine room, etc.

3.The power supply monitoring system is used to monitor the power supply equipment in real time, understand the fault, conduct remote monitoring and solution, and assist the on-site processing. When dealing with the fault of power supply equipment, it is necessary to firstly judge the cause of the power disturbance and the fault location, and then take the corresponding methods and measures to deal with the power failure.


HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

1.True double-conversion
2.DSP technology guarantees high performance
3.Output power factor 0.9
4.Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
5.Active power factor correction in all phases
6.50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
7.ECO mode operation for energy saving
8.Accepts dual-mains inputs
9.Emergency power off function (EPO)
10.Generator compatible
11.SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
12.3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
13.Adjustable battery numbers
14.Maintenance bypass available
15.Optional N+X parallel redundancy
16.Optional isolation transformer offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection

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HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS