HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

  • HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS
  • HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS
  • HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

Key Features of HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS:

1.True double-conversion
2.DSP technology guarantees high performance
3.Output power factor 0.9
4.Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
5.Active power factor correction in all phases
6.50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
7.ECO mode operation for energy saving
8.Accepts dual-mains inputs
9.Emergency power off function (EPO)
10.Generator compatible
11.SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
12.3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
13.Adjustable battery numbers
14.Maintenance bypass available
15.Optional N+X parallel redundancy
16.Optional isolation transformer offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection


HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS Technical Specification

MODELHP9335C Plus 10-30KVA
CAPACITY10KVA / 9KW 15KVA / 13.5KW20KVA / 18KW 30KVA / 27KW
PHASE3 Phase with Neutral
Voltage RangeLow Line Loss110 VAC(Ph-N) ± 3 % at 50% Load ; 176 VAC(Ph-N) ± 3 % at 100% Load
Low Line ComebackLow Line Loss Voltage + 10V
High Line Loss300 VAC(Ph-N) ± 3 %
High Line ComebackHigh Line Loss Voltage - 10V
PhaseThree phase with ground
Power Factor≥ 0.99 at 100% Load
Output voltage208/220/230/240VAC(Ph-N)
AC Voltage Regulation± 1%
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range)46Hz ~ 54 Hz @ 50Hz system ; 56Hz ~ 64 Hz @ 60Hz system
Frequency Range (Batt. Mode)50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1 Hz
OverloadAC mode100%~110%: 10min ; 110%~130%: 1min ; >130% : 1sec
Battery mode100%~110%: 30sec ; 110%~130%: 10sec ; >130% : 1sec
Current Crest Ratio3:1 max
Harmonic Distortion≦ 2 % @ 100% Linear    Load; ≦ 5 % @ 100%    Non-linear Load
Transfer TimeLine←→Battery0 ms
Inverte←→Bypass0 ms (When phase lock fails, <4ms interruption occurs from inverter to bypass)
Line←→ECO<10 ms
AC mode> 89%> 89%> 89%> 90%
Battery Mode> 86%> 88%> 87%> 89%
Standard ModelType12 V / 9 Ah  12 V / 9 Ah 12 V / 9 Ah12 V / 9 Ah
Numbers20(18-20 adjustable)2 x 20(18-20 adjustable)2 x 20(18-20    adjustable)3 x 20(18-20 adjustable)
Recharge Time9 hours recover to 90% capacity
Charging Current1.0 A ± 10% (max.)2.0 A ± 10% (max.)2.0 A ± 10% (max.)4.0 A ± 10% (max.)
Charging Voltage273 VDC ± 1%
Long-run ModelTypeDepending on applications
Charging Current4.0 A ± 10% (max.)4.0 A ± 10% (max.)4.0 A ± 10% (max.)12.0 A ± 10% (max.)
Charging Voltage273 VDC ± 1%
Standard Model Dimension,DxWxH(mm)832 X250X894832 X250X1275
Long-run ModelDimension,DxWxH(mm)609 X250X768832 X250X828
Operation Temperature0 ~ 40°C (the battery life will down when > 25°C)
Operation Humidity<95 % and non-condensing
Operation Altitude<1000m
Acoustic Noise LevelLess than 58dB @ 1 MeterLess than 60dB    @ 1 Meter
Smart RS-232 / USBSupports Windows® 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows® 7, Linux, Unix, and MAC
USBPower management from SNMP manager and web browser


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Related SEO article – Some possible problems of high frequency intelligent UPS as a high power application

1.The low reliability of the IGBT rectifier
Due to the high frequency intelligent UPS has not yet found the large magnetic flux material, so that its “boost inductor” temperature is too high, leading to he low reliability. Because of this, the UPS industry has not yet been able to produce a enough reliable high power high frequency intelligent UPS.

2.High frequency intelligent UPS bias exists the hidden trouble of “zero bias fault”
The problem is another so-called “achilles heel”. High frequency UPS will produce a phenomenon which will not appear in other UPS models. In the upstream AC power through the ATS switch, the output of UPS will be more than 8ms output voltage flicker. It can lead to data center room for several minutes to several hours of paralysis.

3.When the city is cut off and the battery is discharging, the system efficiency of high frequency intelligent UPS is reduced by 2%
When the power is cut off, the battery is discharging. Generally below 10kVA or 30kVA capacity, the battery voltage is relatively low. In short, far less than the voltage level of half bridge inverter. It must also be boosted by the Boost boost circuit to two 400V. In other words, although the power supply to stop the power supply, where the work is not like the high frequency intelligent UPS only by the inverter work, Boost boost circuit must also work. So it seems that high frequency intelligent UPS is more than the power frequency machine more than a working link, so it is more energy consumption than the inverter, even if the efficiency is reduced by 2%.

HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS