In the Internet industry, the blackout affects the entire chain, while consumers in the end, they behoove blaming enterprises, while enterprises are suffering: company website system hosted in the IDC room, they are also victims. Although the power cutoff accident is due to equipment problems of power companies, but the ultimate responsibility for the outage will be on to the data center UPS power supply system.

In the power cutoff accident, to ensure the continuity of power supply, is the most basic and most important function of the UPS system, but it also has a steady voltage and frequency, filtering, anti electromagnetic interference, anti surge voltage and RF and other functions, to ensure IDC load get high quality power supply continued. In the rapid growth of Internet applications today, the importance of the data center further enhanced. The data center is no longer carrying the data itself, but the company’s core business, its reliability is the key to ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise’s core business. Data center system need to maintain stable operation, power supply is the foundation, to ensure the reliability of UPS power supply and therefore become the focus of the problem.

Unlike other devices, as the key to ensure the quality and continuity of the power supply system, UPS requirements on the reliability is not limited, the unlimited upgrade of the performance of UPS itself has been unable to meet the needs of the application, the equipment redundancy backup configuration design appeared. In other words, in order to make the network as much as possible to obtain “100% high availability”, it is necessary to eliminate the single point “bottleneck” hidden trouble in the whole set of UPS redundant parallel power supply system. Hence the need in the whole set of UPS power supply system, from the low voltage side / high voltage input transformer input power supply redundancy backup generator composed of the input end, until to the end user equipment of the entire UPS system configuration, must adopt redundancy design and configuration necessary, in order to obtain enough “error” function. Based on the above reasons, some equipment manufacturers provide the power supply scheme of double bus to customers in critical applications, the reliability of redundant “vendors to provide a dual bus output type power supply system can make the key load reached 99.99999%.

In fact, the reliability of the IDC, the power supply itself cannot be considered in isolation, the power supply and environment of the server room, including the management and monitoring of the infrastructure, are increasingly becoming a inseparable whole, as the foundation of all the technical and business applications, the system needs to be relatively independent and unified planning and construction. If there is no principle, power equipment or other infrastructure systems are with the core business growth stage investment, decentralized procurement, resulting in infrastructure of brand and equipment vary widely, cause compatibility problems and maintenance difficulties, it will lower the reliability of the whole room, eventually bring security risks.

It can be seen that building a highly reliable power supply system based on UPS is not as simple as buying a few devices. It needs to examine the performance of the equipment and configure the power supply system on demand. For equipment providers will need to have a deep understanding of data center applications and customer needs, need to have all aspects of technology and expertise of power supply and even the entire infrastructure system, which can provide the power supply, refrigeration, infrastructure management and other aspects of the full range of products, reasonable design of the overall solution for customers, while providing efficient technical support and maintenance. Only in this way, it can more effectively ensure the reliability and availability of the server room, make the network always online.


SOROTEC MPS9335 10-1200KVA Without Switch Cabinet Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply

1. Superior energy saving: Efficiency > 96% at 50%-75% rated load, and > 95% at 25% rated load; Input PF > 0.99,input THDi<3%
2. Easy-to-install: Top or bottom cabling, no need of input cabling cabinet.
3. Easy-to-maintain: Full front access, UPS, failed part can be replaced shortly.
4. Easy-to-modify: The number of batter y cells can be configured flexibly, so the original batteries can be used when modifying the legacy system; moreover, the battery cell can be replaced in time when it fails without interrupting the normal operation of modular uninterruptible power supply.
5. Extra large LCD that can display 13 language (Chinese ,English ,Russian, French ,Spanish and so on).
6. Provide large LCD touch screen (optional).
7. Each modular uninterruptible power supply modules provide 4.5KW charge capacity. equivalent to 10 to 12A.
8. Advanced DSP full digital control technologies realize higher system stability, online capacity expansion and maintenance.
9. Advanced distributed active parallel technology realizes parallel operation of 4 UPS units and online capacity expansion without centralized bypass cabinet.
10. Adaptive to severe power grid environment due to extra wide input voltage and frequency ranges.
11. Intelligent batter y management maintains batter y automatically to prolong the batter y life.
12. The machine system for modular structure, consists of 1 to 10 module’s biggest single module to 30 kw.
13. Modular uninterruptible power supply power module supporting hot swappable, capacity upgrade extremely simple.
14. Super ability for overload and short circuit, ensure the system stability and safety under the limit state of system.

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