In commercial application design, if the quality is guaranteed, it is easy to directly select the lowest price product after the comparation. At this time, the product with lowest price and common quality is often the winner, and the best quality products are unpopular. This is not bad for those soon to be abandoned or disposable electronic products, but how about designer choose such a power supply for medical system? The value of medical electronic products is high, and usually need to accomplish some key tasks. If the medical system fails, the consequences can be serious. The power supply for medical equipment must comply with safety, leakage, EMI-RFI radiation and protection requirements. These and related safety standards form a strict set of normative requirements. This kind of power supply must be in strict accordance with the insulation measures to prevent the patients and medical personnel from being electrocuted. EMC is also a key issue, including two aspects: how to reduce electromagnetic radiation and how to protect people from electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, for the design of medical power supply, the quality and reliability of the product must be the first choice.

Many designers do not have the correct understanding of the commercial UPS power supply and the medical UPS power supply, while many low-priced UPS suppliers may sell these commercial power supply as medical power supply. Buyers must be careful about this, because choosing such power products can have dire consequences. Therefore, designers need to understand the relevant regulations and regulations clearly.


SOROTEC HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

1.True double-conversion
2.DSP technology guarantees high performance
3.Output power factor 0.9
4.Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
5.Active power factor correction in all phases
6.50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
7.ECO mode operation for energy saving
8.Accepts dual-mains inputs
9.Emergency power off function (EPO)
10.Generator compatible
11.SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
12.3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
13.Adjustable battery numbers
14.Maintenance bypass available
15.Optional N+X parallel redundancy
16.Optional isolation transformer offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection

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HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS