The cost mainly considers the difference between the four parts. We compare the whole power system. The first is the power plug-in box, because 48V DC power supply in the telecommunications industry, large-scale application, low cost, single watt cost is much lower than the 12V server power price. Moreover, there is no calculation of the total cost difference caused by the need for multiple power plug-ins in the 12V architecture, while the 48V architecture only needs a single plug-in box. Secondly, the battery BBU, as mentioned earlier, the 12V BBU structure of the battery is often required to regulate DC / DC power supply, and the 48V structure is not required to configure, this part of the battery BBU using 48V structure is also very advantageous; Secondly, the bus bar and other transmission and distribution, because the 48V structure greatly reduces the size and number of copper bars, and only a single plug-in frame, this part of the 48V structure also has a great cost advantage; Finally, the comparison of VRM power supply on the motherboard, using 48V architecture, the server motherboard using a large number of applications of BMP board power supply to the CPU and other power supply, the cost is not high. The 12V architecture also requires multiple VRM power supply to CPU, which has little difference. Therefore, from the previous comparison, the 48V architecture has great advantages.


SHW48100 Hot Swappable 48VDC Outdoor Solar Telecom Power Supply System for BTS

1.Hot Swappable Easy to Maintance
2.Smart Monitor Control System
3.Various Human-computer Interface
4.Protection Degree: IP55
5.Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology.
6.Advanced MPPT Technology, High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss.
7.Reversed current protection at night, over voltage and reverse polarity protection.
8.Capable of selecting different charging mode for various types of batteries.
9.Protection degree:IP55.
10.Industy-leading power density compact size and high reliability.
11.Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal and equipped with waterproof lock on the door double insulation design.
12.Cabine adopt quality galvanized sheet or aluminum coated steel sheet as material, surface coating anti-UV power.
13.Suitable for outdoor installation.

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