We know that the input voltage range of 12V power supply server motherboard is usually 5% positive and negative difference. If we adopt the structure of 12V bus + 12V battery BBU, it is difficult to achieve this voltage allowable range. Especially at high currents that may be as high as 23,000 amperes, the voltage drop at impedance of 1 milliohm is as high as 2 or 3 volts, and the voltage drop of copper exhaust is much higher than the voltage range of 5% or about 0.6 V. If the voltage drop is controlled by current sharing among multiple power outlets and buses, in addition to the cost and space mentioned above, additional DC/DC voltage stabilization circuit is needed to ensure the voltage reduction caused by BBU discharge. The total cost of this DC/DC voltage regulator circuit will be very high, which will also lead to the overall uneconomical system. In 48V bus structure, the main board usually has a wide range of input voltage of 36V-58V, bus voltage drop is no longer a problem, and battery BBU can be directly connected to 48V bus, without DC/DC voltage regulator circuit, so it is very easy to adopt 48V bus structure voltage allowable range.


SOROTEC SHW48500 48VDC Solar BTS Power System

1.Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology.
2.Advanced MPPT Technology.High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss.
3.Reversed current protection at night.over voltage and reverse polarity protection.
4.Capable of selection different charging mode fo various types of batteries.
5.Protection degree:IP55.
6.Industy-leading power density compact size and high reliability.
7.Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal and equipped with waterproof lock on the door double insulation design.
8.Cabine adopt quality galvanized sheet or aluminum coated steel sheet as material, surface coating anti-UV power.
9.Suitable for outdoor installation.
10.With remote monitoring system aperation.

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