SOROTEC has been awarded the title of “intellectual property advanced enterprise of Baoan District, Shenzhen in 2017” , and has been funded by the government, and has been awarded the medal of intellectual property advanced enterprise.

This year, the Baoan Bureau of Shenzhen market and the quality supervision and management committee carried out the accreditation of “intellectual property advanced enterprise of Baoan District in 2017”. As a key role to improve the enterprise exemplary work in Shenzhen, “intellectual property advanced enterprise” mainly belongs to the development of industry in Shenzhen, the state and the city to undertake the major industry development projects, with independent intellectual property rights ability, actively carry out the protection and make use of intellectual property rights, the establishment of a comprehensive the intellectual property management system and mechanism, with the comprehensive strength of the enterprises’ intellectual property rights.

SOROTEC combined with their actual development, actively strengthen the work of intellectual property right system and management system construction, improve the ability of independent innovation, it has made great progress in intellectual property since the company has founded, it has been identified as the annual intellectual property advanced enterprises of Baoan District in 2017. In the afternoon on Nov 29th,2017, Baoan Bureau of Shenzhen city market and quality supervision and management committee held the awards ceremony of intellectual property advanced enterprises in Baoan District and government-sponsored enterprises in Baoan Baolifang International Hotel, Chairman of the company Mr. Chen Weihuan on behalf of the company to participate in and receive the Bureau’s cordial reception.
The honorary title of “intellectual property advanced enterprise of Baoan District”, it not only on behalf of the government department recognize our technological innovation strength, but also make good use of the innovation platform of government, continuously enhance the company’s innovation and brand building ability, leading industry technology development to create good conditions. In the future, we will actively do a good job of the demonstration and promotion of intellectual property, and make greater contributions to the construction of a national innovative city.


Shenzhen Soro Electronics Co., Ltd is engaged in high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of products in the field of power electronics. Through years of accumulation and development, SOROTEC has become one of the largest and most large-scale high-tech power enterprises at home and abroad.


SOROTEC Products

Data center
UPS uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioning, micro module, intelligent distribution system, environment monitoring system of power battery;

New energy products
The solar power generation system (on grid / off grid inverter), energy storage system, electric vehicle charging pile;

Power quality products
SAPF active filter, SSVG static var generator, SSPC three-phase unbalance optimization device;


SOROTEC Qualification
■National high and new technology enterprises
■China’s top ten UPS power enterprises
■Famous brand brand in Guangdong
■Shenzhen Baoan District Quality Progress Award
■Standardized good behavior enterprise
■Enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise
■The whole series of products are certified by Tel, energy saving, opening up and CE certification
■Three standard certified enterprises (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001)
■China Mobile level finalists Jicai qualified suppliers
■Qualified suppliers of CNPC first level
■The national grid and the southern power grid are entering qualified suppliers
■Radio and television qualified suppliers