HP9330 Series win the Bid of Power Project in Saudi Arabia Government for over 200pcs in 2009. Following is the pictures about its producing and delivery in 2009.


HP9330C 20-80KVA Key Features:

1, N+X parallel redundancy, up to 6pcs in parallel

2, DSP control

3, The efficiency of machine is 94% and reach more 98% in ECO mode.

4, Twin- Channel line input

5, Intelligent management of battery  charging and discharging

Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd. recently announced High Frequency Online UPS HP9330 series UPS (20-80 KVA) to meet the ever-growing demand for power protection and the changing purchase modes of large- and medium-sized projects. The coverage introduces the advantages of the new product such as the improved stability and accuracy thanks to the DSP control technology and the design of the twin-channel line input. Besides, the efficiency of the UPS is as high as 94% and reaches over 98% in the ECO mode, which can help reduce the power loss of the UPS. 

The full consideration of customer’s efficiency in using the UPS is embodied in the module design and frontal-board maintenance, which saves time for repairing and improves the machine’s usability. Finally, the series product is applicable to small and medium-sized data centers, network management center and computer rooms for enterprises in various industries.