According to different application fields, UPS can be divided into two categories: Industrial UPS and commercial UPS; industrial grade UPS is mainly used in harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, pests, high temperature conditions and earthquake areas, to protect important production processes and systems, prevent economic losses and personal safety.

Industrial UPS is a professional designed personalized UPS, which is completely customized according to the needs of users; each industrial UPS must go through strict industrial production process to ensure that it fully meets the technical requirements of customers.

The unique input and output transformer of industrial UPS will not only protect current from input interference, but also improve the quality of final power output. For example, in the harsh industrial environment such as petrochemical industry, the quality of the output power supply will directly affect the safety and production capacity of the whole plant equipment and personnel.

Industrial UPS has strong overload capacity. When the equipment is overloaded, the possibility of UPS switching to bypass operation is very small because of its strong overload capacity. This will greatly increase the security of the system. When switching to bypass operation, it means that the load is no longer supplied by inverter or battery.


IPS9312 IPS9332 10-160KVA (Industrial UPS systems,industrial grade UPS)

■Adopt full digital control technology.
■Intelligent detection and monitoring function.
■Digital control and static switch zero switching.
■Input/output full isolation
■DC UPS isolated with utility power completely.
■Cubicle design with power standard.
■Multifunctional protection for overvoltage,low voltage,
■Overcurrent, short circuit and so on.
■Large-screen LCD monitor Chinese and English operation interface.
■Ultralong 256 event records, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of power supply.
■Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capacity.

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