1.To have super environmental adaptability

Unlike commercial UPS, which is placed in data centers and server rooms under strict control of temperature, humidity and cleanliness, industrial UPS is often difficult to ensure stable temperature and humidity in the industrial environment. In addition, in special industrial occasions, the air in the environment may also contain corrosive gases, which will affect the normal operation of power supply equipment and reduce its performance over a long period of time. Therefore, this requires industrial UPS to have super environmental adaptability, and to cope with the test of harsh environment with comprehensive high-performance performance.

2.To be able to effectively eliminate all kinds of radio disturbances

Power grid pollution in industrial application site is very serious, and it often faces the situation of power supply shortage and frequent accidents. Precision production equipment in industrial production line always has very strict requirements for power supply. Power problems such as voltage instability and current flashover may cause equipment damage or lead to quality problems in product production. Therefore, as the core of industrial power supply system, high-quality UPS is an important part of power protection. It should have the characteristics of providing high-quality power to the load under any load and market electricity input, eliminate the impact of instantaneous interruption of power grid on industrial equipment system, effectively avoid the high frequency of power grid, prevent the harm of overvoltage to load, and ensure the reliable operation of key industrial processes and control.

3.To have super load capacity

In the industrial production, management, monitoring and other links, there are a large number of load equipment, especially in the industrial automation production line, using a large number of automatic control equipment, DCS, computers and so on, and these loads mostly include inductance load, capacitance load, fluctuation and high peak impact load, which have a great impact on the current. At the same time, in the industrial enterprise users, the balanced distribution of the load group is always relative, and the unbalanced distribution is absolute, especially in the production sector, the unbalanced phenomenon is more serious. Therefore, the outstanding load capacity is another important challenge for industrial UPS.

Based on the nearly harsh application standard of industrial UPS, only those enterprises that have developed, produced and served high-power UPS technology and series products and accumulated corresponding industrial application experience can design and produce industrial power uninterruptible power supply system well. Only in view of the harsh physical environment, power supply environment and load environment of industrial applications, can provide high reliable and highly available industrial UPS products and solutions to meet the special needs of industrial enterprises.


IPS9312 IPS9332 10-160KVA Industrial UPS

■Adopt full digital control technology.
■Intelligent detection and monitoring function.
■Digital control and static switch zero switching.
■Input/output full isolation
■DC UPS isolated with utility power completely.
■Cubicle design with power standard.
■Multifunctional protection for overvoltage,low voltage,
■Overcurrent, short circuit and so on.
■Large-screen LCD monitor Chinese and English operation interface.
■Ultralong 256 event records, user-friendly analysis and management to the situation of power supply.
■Static bypass has a strong anti-overload capacity.

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