The development of computing has posed a great challenge to the power supply system of the traditional data center. Innovative technologies and applications of cloud computing have brought opportunities for operators to transform into integrated information service providers, and have become one of the key development strategies for the telecom industry. As an important IT infrastructure to ensure the uninterrupted operation of data centers, the traditional power supply system has doubled its pressure.

The rise of cloud computing has greatly improved the computing density of equipment, which has led to the rapid expansion of the power density. The demand for power supply system, cooling system and computer room increases correspondingly, but the feasibility of expansion or large-scale reconstruction of the data center is very small. This is one of the major challenges that cloud computing has brought to the management of data centers.

The age of 4G has begun, further growth of the data traffic require telecom operators to improve more data center, build safe, green, intelligent data center will be the focus of the sustained attention of the operators. With the idea of integration of data center, high frequency UPS is the most fundamental guarantee for the reliable operation of all facilities in data center. The intelligent management and remote monitoring of UPS power supply will become the key point of technological innovation of data center.

The process of building a new generation of green data center, improve data center energy utilization, strengthen the safety management of power system, the demand for intelligent power management and remote monitoring technology has laid the foundation of innovation.

The intelligent monitoring and management of data center UPS can ensure the reliability and availability of power supply system, facilitate centralized management of equipment, reduce management costs and improve efficiency. Especially for the users who have many branches and have built LAN environment, the centralized monitoring of the whole power supply system will greatly improve the level of scientific maintenance of the data center.

At present, most of the core data center installed intensive, various types of power equipment is more scattered, difficult to achieve centralized management, at the same time, many base stations deployed in remote locations, and is difficult to manage, and some server room environment has some effect on human health, these problems are widely used. With the maturity of technology and the increase of demand, the intelligent and remote control of UPS power supply in power room will gradually become the common demand of power management.


SOROTEC HP9330C 20-80KVA High Frequency Online UPS (IGBT UPS,IGBT online UPS,IGBT based UPS)

■ Advanced IGBT UPS Rectifier technology,Input power factor: 0.99.
■Input THDi < 3%.
■The efficiency of the machines is as high as 94%.
■Connect up to 8 units in parallel for maximum flexibility ( no parallel kit required ) , and compatible to battery share in the parallel mode , which helps the customer to extend the system capacity with lowcost.
■ Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging.
■Twin-channel line input.
■ Large LCD Graphical display panel , convenient for operation.

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HP9330C 20-80KVA High Frequency Online UPS (IGBT UPS,IGBT online UPS,IGBT based UPS)