Inductors are generally composed of skeleton, winding, magnetic core, shield, package material, etc.. Skeleton generally refers to the bracket of winding coil. The enameled wire is wrapped around the skeleton, and then the core, copper core, iron core and so on are loaded into the cavity of the skeleton to increase its inductance. Winding refers to a set of coils with prescribed functions, and the windings are divided into single layer and multi layer. The core materials are silicon steel sheet, permalloy, ferrite, amorphous, metal powder core and so on. In a solar inverter, there are usually 4 kinds of inductors, including DC common mode inductance, boost inductor, filter inductor, and AC common mode inductor.

The common mode inductance mainly plays the role of EMI filter. On the one hand, it should filter the interference of external common mode electromagnetic to the inverter, on the other hand, restrain the electromagnetic interference of the inverter itself, so as to avoid the normal operation of other equipment in the power grid and the same electromagnetic environment.

The PV module is a DC source, and it does not produce electromagnetic interference. Some inverter manufacturers remove the DC EMI common mode inductance in order to reduce the cost. In fact, since the inverter switching speed is very high, will produce large common mode interference current, if there is no EMI DC common mode inductance, the interference current signal is transmitted to the DC cable and components, then the components will be like an antenna producing electromagnetic interference, impact signals of solar system surrounding.

In order to improve the power generation capacity, the string inverter is generally two stage structure, the input voltage range is wide, single-phase is 70-550V, three-phase is 200-1000V. The first is a boost, to configure the boost inductor, the second is to configure the inverter circuit, filter inductor, boost inductor and filter inductor is power inductors, from the current perspective, power inductor ripple in the whole operating period of current is relatively large and the working temperature is high, thus the DC bias characteristics of inductive power requirements high (especially at high temperature), high temperature Bs power inductors corresponding ferrite materials (saturation flux density) is very necessary; on the other hand, from the perspective of power loss, loss of inductance may account for the total loss of the solar inverter system 20~40%, is necessary to reduce the power loss of inductance.


SOROTEC REVO Series Wall Mounted Integrated Solar Hybrid Grid Tie Inverter With Built-in MPPT Solar Controller

1.Touch screen display.
2.Output power factor PF=1.0
3.On grid with energy storage.
4.Energy generated record, load record, history information and fault record.
5.Language and time setting.
6.Structure with dust filter.
7.AC charging and AC output time setting.
8.Charging voltage and charging current timing.
9.External wi-fi device optional.
10.Parallel operation with up to only available for.
11.Smart battery charger design.

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