IG3115CT 1-6KW Pure Sinewave Inverter (1000w pure sine inverter,1000w inverter pure sine wave,pure sine wave inverter 1000w)

  • 1000w pure sine inverter,1000w inverter pure sine wave,pure sine wave inverter 1000w
  • IG3115CT 1-6KW Pure Sinewave Inverter (1000w pure sine inverter,1000w inverter pure sine wave,pure sine wave inverter 1000w)

IG3115CT 1-6KW 1000w pure sine inverter key features:

1. Pure Sine wave Output
2. The charging current is big up to 70 A
3. Output Power Factor is 0.9-1
4. Auto change AC-DC
5. Full automatic and silent operation
6. Automatically transfer between battery and line modes
7. Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
8. Remote control function
9. Four-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
10. Bypass and bypass voltage regulation function
11. Could be setting frequency by LCD display for 50hz or 60hz


IG3115CT 1-6KW 1000w inverter pure sine wave applications:

Supply the reliable long back up time power for the Home appliances and office appliances (For example: DVD, Fan, TV etc)


Full protection:

Protection for low battery voltage、over load、output short circuitand over- temperature Restrain surge interference、eliminate noise、protection for thunder striking,provide the reliable power to the home appliances. Supply the reliable long back up time power for the home appliances and office appliances Solar power systems etc.


IG3115CT 1-6KW pure sine wave inverter 1000w technical specification:

MODELIG3115CT 1000-6000W Pure Sine wave Output Inverter
Input wave form Sine wave (utility or generator)
Normal voltage 120VAC&230VAC
Low voltage re trip 90V±4% & 184V/154V±4%
Low voltage re engage 100V±4% & 194V/164V±4%
High voltage re trip140V±4% & 253V±4%
High voltage re engage135V±4% & 243V±4%
Max Input AC Voltage 150VAC &270VAC
Normal input frequency 50HZ/60HZ
Transfer switch rating 30AMP or 40AMP
Efficiency on line transfer mode ≥95%
Line transfer time 10MS typical
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output continue power watts1000150020003000400050006000
Output continue power VA1000150020003000400050006000
Power factor 0.9-1.0
Normal output voltage120/230VAC
Output voltage regulation ±10% RMS
Surge ratings3000450060009000120001500018000
Normal DC input12V
Minimum start voltage10V
Low battery alarm10.5V
Low battery trip10V
High voltage alarm16V
Power saver Below 25 watts when enable
Input voltage 95-127VAC
Output voltage Dependent on battery type
Output frequency 50HZ ±0.3HZ or 6 0HZ ±0.3HZ
Charge current20-85A MAX can adjust
BAT initial voltage for start up0-15.7V for12V(*2 for 24V ;*4 for 48v)
Over charge shut down15.7 V FOR 12V(*2 for 24V ;*4 for 48V)
Remote control/RS23S/SNMPoption
1000/1500 model : 362*218*179mm
Size: in mm2000/3000 model : 442*218*179mm
4000/5000/6000 model : 598*218*179mm


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SEO Article – The difference between sine wave 1000w pure sine inverter and general inverter


Inverter is the DC power (battery, accumulator jar) convert alternating current (typically 220V or 380V 50Hz sine or square wave). Emergency power supply, the DC battery is generally turned into 220V AC.


Square wave 1000w pure sine inverter output is a poor quality square wave alternating current, its positive maximum value to the negative maximum value almost at the same time, so that the load and the pure sine wave inverter 1000w itself caused severe instability. At the same time, its load capacity is poor, only 60% – 40 of the rated load, can not be with inductive load (detailed explanation of the next article). If the load is too large, the three harmonic components contained in the square wave current will increase the capacitive current flowing into the load. In view of the above shortcomings, in recent years the 1000w inverter pure sine wave (or modified sine wave, modified sine wave, analog sine wave and so on) , the output waveform from the maximum positive value to negative to the maximum between the value of a time interval, the effect of improved, but quasi sinusoidal waveform is still composed of line, which belongs to the category of square wave, continuity is not good. To sum up, the sine wave inverter to provide high quality of alternating current and can drive any kind of load, but technical requirements and costs are high. 1000w inverter pure sine wave can meet most of our electricity demand, high efficiency, low noise, the price is moderate, and thus become the mainstream products in the market. Square wave inverter production using a simple multi harmonic oscillator, its technology is the level of the 50’s, will gradually withdraw from the market.