SP6U-48200 48V Switching Power Supply Embedded System

  • 48v switching power supply,switching power supply 48v,48v smps power supply
  • SP6U-48200 48V Switching Power Supply Embedded System 3


1.Constructed with standard 19 inch screen, which has the advantage of wide use.
2.The data center area and the installation cost can be saved due to its small size and the embedded installation.
3.Wide input voltage range (85-290Vac), the power grid is adaptable.
4.Perfect lightning protection.
5.Rectifiers are hot-pluggable. Easy and quick on line maintenance.
6.The rectifier uses DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) ology, makes the power density ran up to 14W/In3.
7.Battery management, prolongs the life of the battery well.
8.Have passed CE, UL, TLC, and other related certifications.
9.Excellent energy conservation and environmental protection.


AC Input:

Rated input voltage :220V
AC input Voltage range:90-290V
AC input Frequency range:43-67HZ
Power factor :≥0.99
Efficiency : >92%


DC output :

■ Rated voltage: 48V switching power supply
■ Voltage range: 42-58V
■ Rated Current: 200A
■ load Distribution: 4 outlet load
■ battery Distribution: 2 outlet battery
■ battery LVD:100A×2
■ Mode of connection: connect terminal to front panel
■ Rectifier Module: SR4850
■ Monitoring Module: STM-11


Safety characteristics:

Input —-output 3000Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 2500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown



Operating temperature -40 ~+70°c
Humidity : 95% non-condensing


Mechanical characteristic:

Dimensions(W H D): 480 270 300(mm)
Weight(Kg): 20kg (include rectifier module)


AC Distribution
Power supply mode:Single phase (3 phase is optional)
Input Voltage:80 ~ 300 Vac
Input MCB:125A/2P×1
DC Distribution
Output Voltage42 ~ 58 Vdc
Standard Battery MCB125A×2
Standard LLVD Output Route63A×2, 32A×4, 16A×2

48v switching power supply,switching power supply 48v,48v smps power supply

48v switching power supply,switching power supply 48v,48v smps power supply

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Related SEO Article – The working principle of 48V switching power supply

The working process of 48V switching power supply is quite easy to understand, make the power transistor operating in the linear mode, and unlike linear power supplies, the PWM switching power supply 48V allows the power transistor to work in the state of on and off, In these two states, the volt – ampere product added to the power transistor is very small (on turn-on, low voltage, high current; high voltage and small current at turn off), the volt ampere of the power device is the loss produced by the power semiconductor device.

Compared with the linear power supply, 48V smps power supply of PWM is more effective working process is through the “cut wave”, that is cut the input DC voltage into a pulse voltage whose amplitude is equal to the input voltage amplitude. The duty ratio of the pulse is regulated by a controller of the 48V smps power supply. Once the input voltage is cut into AC square wave, its amplitude can be raised or lowered through a transformer. By increasing the number of secondary winding of the transformer, the output voltage can be increased. Finally, these AC waveforms are rectified and filtered to obtain the DC output voltage.

The main purpose of the controller is to keep the output voltage stable, and its working process is similar to linear controller. That is, the functional blocks of the controller, voltage reference and error amplifier can be designed to be the same as linear regulator. Their difference is that the output of the error amplifier passes through a voltage / pulse width conversion unit before driving the power tube.