5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System High Protection lP65

  • 5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System
  • 5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System
  • 5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System
  • 5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System

HW Distributed 5G power supply system

DC unit, AC / DC input converted to-48Vdc output, support 3 line DC output, 1 line battery input.
AC unit which supports 3 line of constant AC output and 1 line.
DC connection Port. It can be connected to the battery and DC load output.
Battery unit provides reliable power preparation to AC and DC application.
DC distribution box is used to DC output path expansion.


HW Distributed 5G power system Key Features:

Rapid deployment

1.Compact in size and light in weight;
2.Save station, save space;
3.Easy to handle and transport.
4.Flexible design with 10 minutes quick station of single person
5.Power unit and battery unit support modular capacity expansion.
6.Support pole installation and wall installation, and support flag installation.
7.Support multi – system input: AC, DC input

Brief introduction

HW distributed 5G power system is a new generation specially that designed for the terminal device of 5G communication network.
It is mainly used for Easy Macro, indoor or out door of RRU room, AC and DC power supply,and other standby electric application.
It supports varies of installation methods, such as pole installation and wall installation, and support flag installationand surface mounted installation.It also has the advantages of easy to installation, expanding maintenance-free,and flexible power module.


Simple operation:

– Maintennace of near-end mobile phone APP management, free of tower maintenance, support intelligent monitoring.
– Natural heat dissipation, reduce temperature control equipment energy consumption, zero noise. 3 to 5 years free of daily maintenance.

Reliable power supply:

– IP65 protection grade, adapt to the harsh application environment, like rain or shine.
– Wide temperature operating range-40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, high reliability of lithium iron battery.

Application scenarios:

1. Indoor/outdoor distributed site
2. RRU remote station
3. Easy Macro site
4. Lamp site
5. AtomCelloutdoor hot spot or blind coverage


DC scene power supply solution

Product modelAC/DC rectifier module  HWD seriesDC/DC boost    moduleBattery module
System    indicatorsTypeIntegral type (built in 20AH battery)Split mounting type
Size300mm (W) ×200 mm (H)× 431mm (D)300mm (W) ×99 mm (H)× 431mm    (D)
Installationwall-mounted,pole    mounted,flag installation,angle  steel    tower installation
Rated power/Capacity1000W2000W3000W1000W2000W/20AH
Entry cableBottom in line, bottom out    line
Protection classIP65
Work temperature-40℃~+55℃-40℃~+55℃ 45℃ above applications need to be equipped with    sunshade
The cooling modeNatural heat dissipation
Environmental    indicatorsStorage/Transport Temperature-40℃~+70℃
Operating humidity5%~95%(non-condensing)
Altitude -60m~4000m(For every 200m increase in altitude from 2000m to 4000m, the highest working temperature decreases by 1℃)
InputInput format220VAC single phase/110VAC    double live wire /HVDC-48VDC-48VDC
Input voltageAC:85~300VAC,HVDC:85~400VDC-40VDC ~ -60VDC-48VDC
Input frequency45Hz~65HzNANA
AC input1×220V/10A1×220V/20A1×220V/30ANANA
AC lightning protectionDifference Mode:20kA,  common mode:20kA
OutputOutput power1000W2000W3000W1000W
Output voltage48VDC280VDC-48VDC
DC output3×10A(With a replaceable fuse)3×20A(With a replaceable fuse)3×30A(With a replaceable fuse)2×10A1×20A
DC lightning protectionDifference Mode:10kA, common    mode:20kA
The module efficiency≥96%≥90%NA
Communication interfaceInterface definition2× DB15    Port(CAN+3×DO+RS485+RS232)1 way CAN1 way CAN,1 way RS485


AC scenario power supply scheme

Product modelAC inverter module HWA seriesBattery module
System    indicatorsTypeAssembled type
Size300mm (W) ×99 mm (H)× 431mm (D)
Installationwall-mounted,pole mounted,flag installation,angle steel tower installation
Rated power/capacity1000VA2000VA2000W/20AH
Entry cableBottom in line, bottom out line
Protection rankIP65
Working temperature-40℃~+55℃-40℃~+55℃ 45℃ above applications need to be equipped with    sunshade
Cooling modeNatural heat dissipation
Environmental    indicatorsStorage/transportation temperature-40℃~+70℃
Operating humidity5%~95%(No condensation)
Altitude-60m~4000m(2000m~4000m For every 200m increase in altitude, the highest working temperature B28    H10decreases by 1℃)
InputInput formats220VAC one phase-48VDC
Input voltageAC:85~300VAC-48VDC
Input frequency45Hz~65HzNA
AC input1×220V/10A1×220V/20ANA
AC lightning protectionDierence mode: 20kA,    common mode: 20kANA
OutputOutput power factor0.8(0.9 optional)NA
Output power800W1600W
Output voltage220VAC-48VDC
AC output3×16A(With a replaceable    fuse)NA
Module efficiency≥93%NA
Communication InterfaceInterface definition2× DB15 Port(3×DO+RS232)1way *CAN,1way*RS485


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5G Base Station Distributed Power Supply System Related SEO Article

Power Supply Requirements of 5G power system for 5G Communication Base Station

Chinese traditional industries are becoming increasingly mobile and data-based, and domestic information construction will be in a high growth trend for a long time. In this context, UPS as a power supply infrastructure will be more and more used in emerging industries, especially 5G power system, new energy, transportation, electricity, health and other industries will become a new demand growth point.

In the process of modernization, intellectualization and convenience of communication, finance, medical treatment, education, scientific research, manufacturing and other industries, all kinds of global top-notch equipment and systems appear centrally. 5G power supply will inevitably become the supporter of high-end equipment, providing stable power supply for high-end equipment and intelligent information system.

With the end of the 5G power supply standard (R15), the commercial use of 5G network devices and the release of 5G mobile phones, 5G has become one of the hot topics in the streets and alleys. People are full of expectations for the application prospects of 5G. The 5G communication base station also has strict requirements on the stand 5G power system.

1.The environment of 5G power system should be clean, ventilated and dry, and the ambient temperature should be controlled between 0 and 40 C.
2.When using UPS power supply, strictly follow the instructions in the instructions to ensure the correct installation of UPS.
3.The range of input voltage fluctuation of UPS power supply is stipulated. If the fluctuation range of municipal power exceeds the stipulation, the pre-protection device, such as voltage regulator, should be used.
4.The stand UP power supply must be grounded in order to prevent accidental leakage from harming personnel.
5.Do not overload with UPS, which has a maximum load period of 80% of the nominal load.
6.Do not switch UPS frequently, so it is easy to damage UPS and load equipment. UPS switches should follow a certain order: when opening, first open UPS city switch, then open UPS, then one by one open load power supply. When shutting down, first turn off load switches one by one, then turn off UPS, then turn off UPS city switch.
7.If generator power supply is to be used in the case of city power outage, the generator power should be guaranteed to be more than twice the rated power of UPS.
8.The newly purchased or long-term unused UPS should be charged for 12 hours continuously, the long-term unused UPS should be charged for 12 hours every three months, and the wet place should be charged for 12 hours every two months.