Telecom Battery Cabinet BD Series (battery storage cabinet)

Telecom Battery Cabinet BD Series (battery storage cabinet)

Telecom battery storage cabinet BD Series Key Features

BC Series UPS battery cabinet is safe to use, reliable in performance and convenient to move.



BC1000 UPS battery cabinet is designed to house large capacity batteries. For Example, it can house battery with 38AH, 65AH and 100AH.


Telecom battery storage cabinet BD Series technical specifications:

Name Model BatteryCapacity QTY of Battery Weight(KGS) Without battery Packing Size                    (L× W× H)mm
Battery Pack BC1001 100Ah 1PC 5 480× 220× 330
BC1002 100Ah 2PCS 8 480× 390× 280
BC1003 100Ah 3PCS 13 600× 450× 210
BC1004 100Ah   4PCS 17 640× 490× 210
BC1006 100Ah 6PCS 21 640× 490× 210
BC1008 100Ah 8PCS 24 800× 490× 210
BC1010 100Ah 10PCS 30 980× 490× 200
BC1012 100Ah 12PCS 34 800× 490× 330
BC1016 100Ah 16PCS 45 800× 490× 220                  1180× 490× 90
BC1020 100Ah 20PCS 53 980× 490× 230              1180× 490× 90


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SEO Article – Type of battery storage cabinet

Heat exchange type
The heat exchanger is used as the temperature control element of the heat radiating device, and the air passage is completely isolated from the inside and outside of the heat exchanger. The choice of heat exchanger should be based on the amount of heat from the equipment inside the cabinet.
Semiconductor temperature control type
The semiconductor device is used for the active cooling of the temperature in the cabin of a battery storage cabinet, and the cooling mode of the semiconductor without compressor is favorable for providing the reliability of the refrigeration system. This kind of constant temperature battery storage cabinet is widely used in China Unicom, mobile and telecom operators.

Telecom Battery Cabinet BD Series (battery storage cabinet)