Rectifier Modular -1U

AC Input:

■Rated voltage : 230V
■Voltage range: 85V-350VAC/ 90V-380VDC
■Frequency range: 45-65Hz
■Max. Current :10A(30A)、7.5A(20A)、
■Power factor: 0.99
■Efficiency : 92%


DC Output:

■Standard voltage: 48V
■Voltage range 43V-59V
■Current Ratings : 30A 20A 15A 10A
■Source effect :≤± 0.1%
■Load effect :≤± 0.5%
■Stabilized voltage precision :≤± 0.6%
■Soft-startup Time : 6S


Mechanical characteristic:

Weight: 1.5KG


Rectifier Modular -1U


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