HP9116CR High Frequency Online UPS 1 – 10KVA

  • HP9116CR high frequency online ups 10kva
  • HP9116CR high frequency online ups 10kva

Large blue LCD display interface,user-friendly


 Key Features:

1.Large blue LCD display interface,user-friendly. Pure high frequency online UPS,with voltage adjustment circuit,provide reliable power protection in the bad operation environment.
2.Comprehensive electric isolate and bypass protection.
3.Input power factor correction, reduce the harm of harmonic to the power grid,convenient to match small generators.
4.Automatic alarm, self test function.
5.Wide input voltage range.
6.Input neutral and live wire detect and data protect function.
7.When main power failure, the UPS going to DC start,Convenient and reliable; when main power recover,UPS restart automatically.
8.N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6K-10K.


Technical Specification of HP9116CR high frequency online ups 10kva

ModelHP9116CR 1-10KVAHP9316CR 10KVA
Nominal Voltage220/230/240VAC380VAC
Voltage Range115~295VAC(±3VAC)176~297VAC(±3VAC)304~478VAC(±3VAC)
Frequncy Range50HZ:(46~54HZ);60HZ(56HZ~64HZ)
Power Factor>0.98
Voltage precision220/230/240x(1±2%)VAC
Frequncy precision50/60HZ±0.05HZ
Power Factor0.7/0.8(option)
Harmonic DistortionLinear Load<3% Non-Linear Load<6%
Overload Capacity110%~150%for30sec;150%for200ms 105%~130%for10min;130%for 1min
Current Crsst Ratio3:01:00
Transfer time0ms(AC→DC)
DC Voltage36VDC96VDC240VDC
Recharge Time5 hours to 90%(optional:2KR/3KR standard model battery inside the UPS)
Charge Current1A 8A1A 8A1A 8A2.0A/402A/5.6A(option)
Panel Dispiay
LCDDispiay input and output voltage,frequency,battery voltage,battry capacity,and the percentage of load
Communications InterfaceRS232,SNMP Card(Optional),USB(Optional)
Working Environment
Storage Temperature-25℃~55℃
Noise Level(1m)< 45DB< 50DB
Physics Characteristic
WeightN.W16.5 931 11.532 12.518.5 20.522 2425.5
G.W18.5 11.535 14.536 1521.5 23.525 2728.5
Dimensions:(WxDxH)mm447x450x89440x600x130 447x450x89 447x600x130 447x450x89447x600x130447x600x177
2U3U 2U3U 2U3U4U4U


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Topology of power supply system with high frequency UPS 10kva online optimization
The concept of regional power supply is introduced in the design of high frequency machine, which is a combination of centralized and distributed power supply topology. If several regions separately in a large room of data, each region configuration a set or two sets (redundancy) 3A3 UPS online 10kva power supply system, placed directly in the regional load beside, power is supplied by the cabinet on the switchboard. In this way, each area is centralized power supply, centralized management, and the region is separated from the independent power supply, wiring is also independent. 3A3 UPS online 10kva power supply mode with the advantages of distributed flexible, allowing the gradual investment, not easy to produce a large area of paralysis, but also easy to manage.

High system availability
If the UPS redundancy is above two modules, the availability of UPS 10kva online can reach more than 99.999%, and the MTBF (mean time to failure) is more than 15 million hours.

Minimum downtime.
If the failure of the UPS module is less than or equal to the number of redundant UPS module, can replace the failed UPS module online without affect the work of other modules, in this case, downtime is zero. If the number of UPS module is greater than the number of redundant UPS module, as it is the way to replace the UPS module to maintain, so downtime will not be more than 5 minutes.

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