Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution (outdoor electric enclosure,outdoor battery enclosure,outdoor battery cabinet)

  • Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution (Outdoor electric enclosure,outdoor battery enclosure,outdoor battery cabinet)

Sorotec outdoor battery cabinets was developed for easing customers, pressure in site acquisition, meeting customers,requirements for energy saving and flexible expansion.As an innovative installation solution for site equipment,it not only has a large housing capability like traditional shelter, but also adopts independent compartment temperature control method as outdoor electric enclosures.Because outdoor battery cabinets has few limitations on application scenarios and can satisfy customers,different requirements, it is gaining more and more popularity in modern site.


Footprint and energy saving:

1.Mini-size, decreasing 60% footprint, easing site acquisition pressure and decreasing deployment cost
2.In non-high-temperature areas*, using independent temperature control method without A/C,reducing 50-80% cooling power consumption
3.In high-temperature areas*, adopting intelligent heat exchanger system, decreasing A/C running time, saving energy 40-60%
4.Independent cooling for battery, prolonging its lifespan 2-5 years.


Modular configuration,flexible expansion

1.Modular configuration. Providing series combinations by three basic function units, “equipment cabinet, auxiliary cabinet, and storage outdoor battery cabinet”
2.Easy configuration according to customer needs
3.According different working temperature demands of different equipment , every outdoor battery enclosure has individual cooling method
4.Flexible expansion , and easily solves the management problems of co-site.


All-in-one, Orderliness

1.Large housing capability, minizing the number of outdoor electric enclosure
2.All-in-one.” Main equipment, temperature control equipment , power system,battery, ACDC, DCDU….”
3.Simplifying the site design, making the site orderly


Fast deployment, ROI improvement

1.Supporting installation in the factory and transportation as a whole
2.Supporting shipment in components and onsite assembly
3.Onsite assembly for a three-unit-combination takes about 2 hours by 4 persons
4.Less civil engineering


Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution technical specifications

ModelHW9110E 1-10KVA
Nominal Voltage220/230/240VAC
Nominal Frequency50HZ/60HZ
Voltage Range115~295VAC(±3VAC)176~297VAC(±3VAC)
Frequency Range50HZ:(46HZ~54HZ); 60HZ:(56HZ~6HZ)
Soft Start0~100% 5sec
Power Factor0.98
Voltage Precision223/230/240x(1±2%)
Frequency Precision50/60HZ±0.05HZ
Power Factor0.7/0.8(Optional) Standard 0.7
Wave DistortionLinear load<3% Non-linear<6%
Overload CapabilityOverload(110%~150%)for 30 seconds,then automatically transfer to bypass.when load is normal,it can automatically transfer to normal mode.
Crest Factor03:01
Transfer Time0MS(AC to DC)
DC Supply Voltage36VDC96VDC96VDC240VDC240VDC
Charge Current4A/8A(optional)4A/8A(optional)4A/8A(optional)4.2A4.2A
Internal Battery Caoacity(38/65/80/100AH)optional
Panel Displsy
LEDLoad level/Battery level,Battry indicator,Unility Power,Bypass,Overload,Fault
Communicate InterfaceRS232、SNMP Card(optional)
Work Environment
Temperature-40° C~50° C
Storage Temperature-25° C~55° C
Physical Characterisstics


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Outdoor electric enclosure is directly in the influence of natural climate, the outdoor battery enclosure made of metal or non-metallic materials, does not allow non authorized operator into operation, for wireless communications sites or wired network site workstation provides outdoor physical work environment and safety system equipment. Suitable for outdoor environment, such as the side of the road, park, roof, a mountainous area, the ground installation of outdoor battery cabinet, the cabinet can be installed base station equipment, power equipment, storage battery, temperature control equipment, transmission equipment and other ancillary equipment or equipment over the reserved installation space and heat capacity, can provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection outdoor battery enclosure for the normal operation of equipment.

Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution (Outdoor electric enclosure,outdoor battery enclosure,outdoor battery cabinet)