Outdoor Air-condition Cabinet (outdoor network enclosure,outdoor power enclosure)

Outdoor Air-condition Cabinet (outdoor network enclosure,outdoor power enclosure)

Outdoor power enclosure Features:

■.Highly integrated outdoor network enclosure with strong housing ability, can be used as equipment cabinet, battery cabinet or integrated cabinet
■.Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection and full ranges of temperature control system
■.Precise and separate temperature control reduces energy cost
■.Multi-layer panel structure makes less heat absorbance and saves energy
■.Anti-theft design and earthquake protection tests ensure outdoor power enclosure and equipments safety
■. Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection
■.Support delivery in whole or in parts with no limits to installation scenario


Integrated Cabinet Specifications:

■. Mini-shelter includes power system cabinet, power system, AC/DC distribution unit, monitor unit, and heater, distribution cables,battery and sensors are optional.
■ Cabinet: one unit one cabinet, one unit two cabinet, two units three cabinets, three units three cabinets
■.Power system: ETP48200A , rectifiers
■. AC/DC distribution unit: AC distribution and DC distribution unit are optional
■. Heater: it is optional, and it is used in cold areas.
■.Distribution cables: ODF and DDF are optional.
■. Monitor unit: ETP48200A with SMU02B monitor module, battery temperature sensor, environment temperature and humidity sensor, smoke sensor and water sensor, and so on.
■. Battery: the type of battery is determined by load and the backup time.


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Heat exchange type

Using a heat exchanger as the temperature control element cooling equipment, the use of air inside and outside completely isolated, radiation heat transfer through the heat exchanger core from each other. The heat exchanger should be selected according to the selection of heat inside the outdoor power enclosure to outdoor equipment.

Temperature control type semiconductor
Using semiconductor devices a way of active cooling to the temperature inside the outdoor network enclosure, considering outdoor harsh conditions, the semiconductor refrigeration compressor to provide reliability without refrigeration system. The thermostatic outdoor power enclosure in China Unicom, mobile, telecom operators have been widely applied in centralized procurement.

Outdoor Air-condition Cabinet (outdoor network enclosure,outdoor power enclosure)