HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)

  • HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)
  • HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)
  • HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)

HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA outdoor rated UPS Product snapshot:

Model: 1-10KVA

Nominal voltage: 220/230/240VAC

Nominal frequency: 50/60Hz

Output Power factor: 0.7/0.8


Reliable power Rich experience

HW9110E series communication marginal network outdoor UPS is special for wireless communication system of outdoor micro cellular base station and design of a high-performance integrated outdoor online uninterrupted power supply system, has the very high technology advancement and practicability.


HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA outdoor AC UPS Key Features:

■SORO Outdoor Intelligent High Frequency Online UPS provide continuous pure sine wave AC power supply for outside communications / network equipment.

■Double-conversion online design, high temperature resistant, anti-cold, sealing level for IP55; With the wide range of input voltage and frequency of input window (-45% +35% rated voltage and ± 10% rated frequency), in many remote areas of China after a severe test of the grid.


HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA outdoor rated UPS Application:

This UPS is commonly used in the corner of the city, remote roads, mountains, bad environment, such as high temperature (+50 °C) / low temperature (-40 °C), severe dust, moisture, rain, mist erosion, very poor power quality (voltage longterm higher than 260V or less than 160V, frequency abnormal change) in the area.


High Reliability of the UPS System

■Using microprocessor control, directly produce highfrequency pulse width modulation wave (SPWM) control of the UPS inverter, to simplify the UPS control circuit, to improve the stability, to have more real-time UPS to quickly respond to changes in the external environment

and guarantee the machine’s control circuit is more simple and reliable.

■Using digital control techniques, to avoid the traditional analog control temperature drift inherent defects such as hardware parameters, to ensure consistency and reliability of UPS.


Fine dust-proof, water-proof features

According to the overall standard of design dust-proof and water-proof Ip55

■With a sun protection, heat insulation, roof ventilation

■With waterproof and the filtration dust inlet; the cabinet front door shutters with waterproof design, on the back ofwelding water tank, water tank installed above the net with quick release feature of the dust.


Environmental adaptability

■Wide input voltage, avoids frequent switching to battery power because of large power grid voltage, reduce battery failure probability, adapt to the power environment in poor


■Input Frequency Range 45 ~ 55Hz, to ensure the fuel generator can access all kinds of stability to meet user requirements for use on the oil machine.


Optional accessories

Heat exchanger

The environment which require higher IP level, we use heat exchanger to effectively reduce the temperature of box inside and improve IP protection level .



Heater and temperature controller

To reduce low temperature climate impact to batteries and UPS, we adopt ajustable heating device to ensure the UPS and battery life of normal use.


HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA outdoor AC UPS Technical Specifications:

ModelHW9110E 1-10KVA
Nominal Voltage220/230/240VAC
Nominal Frequency50HZ/60HZ
Voltage Range115~295VAC(±3VAC)176~297VAC(±3VAC)
Frequency Range50HZ:(46HZ~54HZ); 60HZ:(56HZ~6HZ)
Soft Start0~100% 5sec
Power Factor0.98
Voltage Precision223/230/240x(1±2%)
Frequency Precision50/60HZ±0.05HZ
Power Factor0.7/0.8(Optional) Standard 0.7
Wave DistortionLinear load<3% Non-linear<6%
Overload CapabilityOverload(110%~150%)for 30 seconds,then automatically transfer to bypass.when load is normal,it can automatically transfer to normal mode.
Crest Factor03:01
Transfer Time 0MS(AC to DC)
DC Supply Voltage36VDC96VDC96VDC240VDC240VDC
Charge Current 4A/8A(optional) 4A/8A(optional) 4A/8A(optional)  4.2A 4.2A
Internal Battery Caoacity(38/65/80/100AH)optional
Panel Displsy
LEDLoad level/Battery level,Battry indicator,Unility Power,Bypass,Overload,Fault
Communicate InterfaceRS232、SNMP Card(optional)
Work Environment
Temperature-40° C~50° C
Storage Temperature-25° C~55° C
Physical Characterisstics


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SEO Article

Adopting advanced digital microprocessor control, simplifying the control circuit, improving the stability and reliability of the system.
Using the power factor correction technology, the input power is high, reducing the outdoor rated UPS to other equipment harmonic pollution, improve the utilization of the grid, reduce the cost of outdoor AC UPS operation, is the high cost of green power supply.
Digital control technology makes the efficiency of the whole machine more than 90%, reduce the loss of outdoor AC UPS itself, and reduce the temperature inside the cabinet.
Dual transform structure on line working mode, city power and battery power supply conversion zero interrupt, ensure the load is not power.
To achieve unattended function, the battery discharge protection, the city electric power recovery and normal, outdoor rated UPS automatically start and load power supply.
The system has the function of fault diagnosis, which can quickly judge the reason of UPS fault and locate the fault location of UPS by LED, which makes the outdoor AC UPS maintenance convenient and quick.
With cold start function, without the power of the state, can be directly used to start the battery pack outdoor rated UPS, to meet the needs of users of emergency power supply.

HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)