SNMP Card and AS400 Card for UPS (SNMP UPS card,UPS SNMP card,SNMP card for UPS)

SNMP Card and AS400 Card for UPS (snmp ups card,ups snmp card,snmp card for ups)

Function of SNMP UPS card:

1. Remotely monitor the status of UPS, including voltage, current, bypass, utilitypower, etc;
2. Support stand-alone monitoring;
3. Support network monitoring based on WEB;
4. Able to upgrade via network;
5. Record history event;
6. Match with IPPower software to achieve centralized monitoring and unifiedmanagement;
7. Match with IPPower software to achieve shutdown protection for client-side;
8. Support different warning such as Email warning, SMS warning, voice dialing warning, etc.


Brief Introduction:

UPS SNMP card basic UPS network monitor adapter, this product has the basic UPS monitoring function, the
interface is simple and easy to operate, it is a simple type UPS monitoring product which can satisfy the UPS
users’ basic monitoring demands.


Features of UPS SNMP card:

1. Support the third party interface, easy to be integrated used by the third party(SNMP UPS card);
2. Efficient network communication mechanism, support rate report, regular time report, alarm report three mechanism, reduce the requirements for network bandwidth, at the same time, it also promotes the timeliness of the alarm;
3. Support USB port configuration function, easy for user to configure the parameters of adapter;
4. Support a key recovery factory default Settings function;
5. The system, with 3 double-color LED state light,can see various system’s work state easily;
6. Realize local monitoring by supporting the way of USB.


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SEO Article

MIB, namely Information Base Management, is accessed by the network management protocol to manage the object database, which includes the SNMP UPS card that can be set by the UPS SNMP card management agent of the network device. SMI, namely Management Information Structure, is used to define the rules of the objects accessed through the network management protocol. SMI defines the type of data used in MIB and the name or representation of the network resource in the MIB.
Network management using UPS SNMP card requires the following important parts: the management of base stations, the management agent, the management information base and network management tools.
Managing a base station is usually an independent device, which is used as a user interface for network management. The base station must be equipped with a management software, the administrator can use the user interface and access to information from the MIB database, and in order to carry out network management it should have the ability to issue a base station management command.
Management agent is a kind of network equipment, such as host, bridges, routers, and hub, these devices must to receive management station to send information, they must also can be monitored by the management station. Management agent in response to the request of the base station to carry out the corresponding operation, you can also send information to the base station in the absence of a request.
MIB is a collection of objects that represent the resources and equipment that can be managed in the network. Each object is basically a data variable, which represents the information on the one hand of the managed object.
The last aspect is the management agreement, that is SNMP card for UPS, SNMP’s basic functions are: to obtain, set and receive the unexpected information sent by the agent. Value refers to the base station sends request, agent according to the echo request corresponding to the data, the setting is set base station management object (i.e., proxy), receiving agent can send the accident information refers to the meaning of agent can be in the base station does not request the state report to the base station occur.
SNMP is an application layer protocol, which is part of the TCPIP protocol family. It operates by user data protocol (UDP). In the separation of the management station, the management process is located in the center of the management center of the MIB access control, and provide network administrator interface. Manager process through SNMP card for UPS to complete network management. SNMP in UDP, IP and the relevant special network protocols (e.g., Ethernet, FDDI, X.25) on top of the implementation.

SNMP Card and AS400 Card for UPS (snmp ups card,ups snmp card,snmp card for ups)