SP1U-4860 Embedded System

AC Input:

Rated input voltage :220V
AC input Voltage range:85-300V
AC input Frequency range:45-66HZ
Power factor :≥0.99
Efficiency : >92%


DC output :

■ Rated voltage: 48V
■ Voltage range: 42-60V
■ Rated Current: 20A/30A/40A/60A
■ Load Distribution: 1 outlet load total connecting terminal
■ battery Distribution: 1 outlet battery total connecting terminal
■ battery LVD: 60A×1
■ Mode of connection: Connect terminal to front panel
■ Rectifier Module: SR4810,SR4815,SR4820,SR4830
■ Monitoring Module: STM-111


Safety characteristics:

Input —-output 3000Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 2500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown



Operating temperature -40 ~+70°c
Humidity: 95% non-condensing


Mechanical characteristic:

Dimensions(W.H.D): 482.6*44*280(mm)
Weight(Kg): 6kg(include rectifier module)


SP1U-4860 Embedded System


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