Any power supply in the use process has its set of rules and methods, scientific use can let UPS power supply life longer.
1.Maintain the industrial UPS power supply regularly. Clear the dust inside the machine, measure the voltage of the battery, replace the unqualified battery, check the fan running, detect and adjust the system parameters of UPS.
2.Prohibit overload use. UPS power supply maximum boot load is best controlled within 80%, if overload use, in the inverter state, often breakdown inverter triode. Practice has proved that for the vast majority of online interactive UPS, control its load in the 30% ~ 60% rated output power is the best way to work.
3.Prohibit frequent shutdown and open UPS power supply. General requirements in the closed UPS power supply, wait at least 6 seconds to open the power supply of UPS, otherwise, UPS power may “boot failure”, that is the state without city power output and the inverter output.
4.When using UPS power supply, be sure to comply with the relevant provisions of the manufacturer’s product specification, to ensure that the firewire, zero line, ground wire meet the requirements, users are not allowed to change their mutual order. For example, the United States a brand UPS AC power input wiring and Chinese AC input socket connection is exactly the opposite. For example, the three-phase UPS need to pay attention to the problem of phase order, otherwise there will be a phase error alarm, and so are other brands.
5.UPS power should avoid direct sunlight, and leave enough ventilation space, at the same time, prohibit the UPS output port with inductive load.
6.Strictly in accordance with the correct boot, shutdown sequence for avoiding sudden load or sudden reduction, UPS power supply voltage output fluctuations, so that UPS power supply can not work properly.

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