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27Jun 2016
Solar DC Power System-Output 48VDC
Nominal voltage: 48VDC 10-200A
Power plant or substation power for controlling, protection and automatic device, emergency lighting,
communications, steam turbine DC oil pump and so on independent DC system. It can provide reliable power
supply in the case of a power failure completely in plant or substation. The traditional DC systems connect
battery pack and run with float charging mode. The new DC system run with silicon controlled rectifying power
supply for battery.
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20Sep 2015

Our service in India,

In order to enlarge the Indian market and enhance the technological communion between enterprises, On September 10th 2008 our engineer went to India for technological training and got a good result. In future we are plan to arrange our engineer to go to Inida for technological training twice a year.

SORO has always attached great importance in offering clients immediate and efficient technological support. SORO UPS will supply you a safe and reliable power supply environment.