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18Jan 2017

We hold the annual party on Jan.15, 2017. During the party, we have watched many wonderful shows performed by our staff which from our sales department,purchase department,product department,financial department.During the party, the most exciting part is our lucky draw link with great prizes of household appliances and cash gift. Everybody hope to get the big prize,all of us have a wonderful evening.

Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional UPS Power and Inverter manufacturer for 10 years, we have two large production sites: one is in Shenzhen,the other is in Zhejiang Wenzhou.Through many years of accumulation and development, SOROTEC has become one of the leading high-tech enterprises on the UPS and Inverter industry in China.

06Dec 2016

It is a sunshine and beautiful day. SOROTEC held a garden party together for relaxing , and strengthen our team spirit, also to enrich our leisure time on last Saturday, all staffs and some employees with their family together joined this activity, the game include playing the balloon,playing the bowling,playing the dart, clipping marbles and throwing the beanbag.The most exciting game is tug-of-war at the beginning. Our department only have six male,our competitor is the engineering department.We had three rounds of the games,our department won the first round,it seems that we have the great opportunity to win the competition.Against all expectations,our competitor won 2-1 to end the competition.Regardless the results,the game enhanced the cohesion of our department.After this garden party,we get more united,and believe we can create the brilliancy together!

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27Jun 2016
Solar DC Power System-Output 48VDC
Nominal voltage: 48VDC 10-200A
Power plant or substation power for controlling, protection and automatic device, emergency lighting,
communications, steam turbine DC oil pump and so on independent DC system. It can provide reliable power
supply in the case of a power failure completely in plant or substation. The traditional DC systems connect
battery pack and run with float charging mode. The new DC system run with silicon controlled rectifying power
supply for battery.
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