Online outdoor UPS is a kind of equipment that provides pure uninterrupted AC power supply for users’ outdoor communication and network equipment. It is mainly designed for outdoor communication network equipment used in urban corners, rural areas and mountainous areas.


Outdoor rated UPS adopts a series of design measures, such as high temperature resistance, cold resistance, salt fog prevention, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, lightning protection and other design measures. It has the advantages of wide input voltage range, wide input frequency range, pure, stable and reliable output waveform. It can thoroughly solve the interference and power supply interruption of network communication equipment caused by harsh power supply environment and widely used in outdoor communication.


●Strong environmental adaptability
IP55 protection grade is adopted for outdoor integrated cabinet, which has dust-proof, waterproof and other functions to meet the outdoor harsh environment.
Anti high and low temperature design, the cabinet adopts sunshade, heat insulation, temperature compensation and other design measures, with lightning protection and other surge protection, effectively preventing lightning damage to equipment.


●Strong adaptability of power grid
Ultra wide input voltage range and frequency range, input with high voltage protection circuit.
The on-line double conversion structure can completely eliminate the interference of peak, noise and harmonic on communication equipment.


●Multiple options, UPS power monitoring and management
Provide a variety of optional installation accessories to meet the wall hanging, landing and other installation requirements.
SNMP card can be installed to realize remote network monitoring and management, and provide real-time UPS data and information.


●Advanced technology and powerful functions
Advanced digital microprocessor control technology is adopted to simplify the control circuit and improve the stability and reliability of the system.
Adopting power factor correction technology, high input power factor, reducing harmonic pollution of ups to other equipment, improving the utilization rate of power grid and reducing the operation cost of UPS power supply equipment, is a green environmental protection power supply with high cost performance.


HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)

Model: 1-10KVA
Nominal voltage: 220/230/240VAC
Nominal frequency: 50/60Hz
Output Power factor: 0.7/0.8

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HW9110E Routine 1-10KVA High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS (outdoor rated UPS,outdoor AC UPS)