A device that makes a constant current in a circuit, such as a dry cell, a battery, a DC generator, etc, is called a DC source. The DC power supply has positive and negative electrodes, the positive electrode has a high potential, and the negative electrode has a low potential; When the two electrodes and the circuit connected, DC power supply can maintain a constant potential difference between two electrodes, thereby forming the anode to cathode by constant current in the external circuit. In order to make the potential difference between two constant DC power supply, must be made in the external circuit to flow from the positive to the negative charge, reverse the direction of the electric field force inside the power supply, return from negative to positive. This process is not rely on static electricity, and can only be realized by some kind of “non static electricity” which is opposite to the electrostatic force. Therefore, a power supply is a device that provides non static electricity, which transforms non electric energy into electrical potential energy between positive and negative electrodes by means of non static electricity.


SOROTEC SP6U-48200 48VDC Switching Power Supply Embedded System

1.Constructed with standard 19 inch screen, which has the advantage of wide use.
2.The data center area and the installation cost can be saved due to its small size and the embedded installation.
3.Wide input voltage range (85-290Vac), the power grid is adaptable.
4.Perfect lightning protection.
5.Rectifiers are hot-pluggable. Easy and quick on line maintenance.
6.The rectifier uses DSP (Digital Signaling Processor) ology, makes the power density ran up to 14W/In3.
7.Battery management, prolongs the life of the battery well.
8.Have passed CE, UL, TLC, and other related certifications.
9.Excellent energy conservation and environmental protection.

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