1.Appearance and surface quality

Because the cold plate is obtained after the cold rolling process, and cold rolling also carries out some surface finishing, the surface quality of the cold plate (such as surface roughness) is better than that of the hot plate. Therefore, if there is a higher requirement for the coating quality such as post-sequence painting, cold plate is generally chosen. In addition, hot plate is divided into pickling plate and non-pickling plate. The surface of pickling plate becomes normal metal color because of pickling, but the surface is still not as high as cold plate because of non-cold rolling. The surface of non-pickling plate usually has oxide layer, blackening, or iron oxide black layer. Popularly speaking, it’s like it’s burned, and it’s usually rusty if the storage environment is not good.



Generally, the mechanical properties of hot plate and cold plate are considered to be indistinguishable in engineering. Although there is some work hardening in cold rolling process, the yield strength of cold plate is slightly higher than that of hot plate, and the surface hardness is also higher. How to do this depends on the degree of annealing of cold plate. However, the strength of annealed cold plate is higher than that of hot plate.



Because the properties of cold and hot sheets are close to each other, the influencing factors of forming properties depend on the difference of surface quality. Because the surface quality of cold sheets is better, the forming effect of cold sheets is better than that of hot sheets.


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