1.Use of AC voltage regulator
After using UPS power supply, there is no need to add AC voltage regulator. If it must be added, it should be added to the front level of UPS, that is, the mains power first passes through the AC voltage regulator, then through the ups, and then to the load.

2.Battery balanced charging skills
At present, valve regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA) used in many ups power supply is called maintenance free battery from the beginning, which gives users a misunderstanding that it seems that this battery is durable and does not need maintenance at all. Under this kind of misleading, many users have not carried out maintenance and management since they installed the battery. When the battery in UPS power supply meets the following conditions, the battery shall be charged evenly: when the terminal voltage is lower than the specified calibration voltage due to excessive discharge. For 12 V small sealed lead-acid batteries, the discharge calibration voltage is 10.5 V; for 24 V batteries, the final discharge voltage is 21 V; for 96 V batteries, the discharge calibration voltage is 85 v. The battery is not charged in time after discharge; the battery is idle for a long time. When the power supply is interrupted, the battery with continuous floating charge will release nearly half of its capacity.

3.Do not use diesel generators
UPS should not be powered by diesel generator because its frequency is often unstable, which affects the normal operation of ups.

4.Pay attention to the safe operation of operators
When connecting the output power supply to UPS, attention should also be paid to safety. Since the output voltage and current of ups are relatively large, it is necessary to pay attention to safety when connecting the output power supply to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents.
When replacing the battery, turn off the UPS power supply and disconnect from the mains power supply. Use a screwdriver with insulated handle. Do not put tools or other metal objects on the battery. When connecting the battery cable, it is normal to have small sparks at the connector, which will not harm personal safety and UPS power supply. Do not short circuit or reverse connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. When replacing the battery, it is not suitable to replace it partly, but to replace it as a whole. In addition, it is forbidden to use batteries with different amperage and different brands.

5.Real time monitoring
At present, all intelligent UPS have operability characteristics such as communication with microcomputer and program control. When the corresponding software is installed on the microcomputer and connected to UPS through serial / parallel port, the program can be used to communicate with ups. Generally, it has the functions of information inquiry, parameter setting, timing setting, automatic shutdown and alarm. Then, the UPS is connected to the computer through the special serial port control cable, and then through RS232 and RS485 protocol communication, the ups can automatically shut down when there is no mains power input and the power is low. It can monitor multiple UPS connected to multiple serial ports at the same time. Among them, through RS232 protocol, a serial port can only connect one UPS, through RS485 protocol, a serial port can connect 256 ups at most.


HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS

1.True double-conversion
2.DSP technology guarantees high performance
3.Output power factor 0.9
4.Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
5.Active power factor correction in all phases
6.50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
7.ECO mode operation for energy saving
8.Accepts dual-mains inputs
9.Emergency power off function (EPO)
10.Generator compatible
11.SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
12.3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance
13.Adjustable battery numbers
14.Maintenance bypass available
15.Optional N+X parallel redundancy
16.Optional isolation transformer offers full isolation and complete common mode noise rejection

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HP9335C Plus 10-30KVA High Frequency Intelligent UPS