The main seven components of UPS:
1. Input rectifier and filter circuit
2. Power factor correction circuit
3. Storage battery
4. Charging circuit
5. Inverter circuit
6. Static switch circuit
7. Control detection and protection circuit

Classification of UPS:
1.Classification by power: <5kVA, 5-20kVA, >20kVA.
2.Classification by the input and output voltage: Single-phase UPS, Three-phase UPS.
3.Classification by installation: Tower-type, Rack-mounted type.
4.Classification by technical: Back-up UPS, online interactive UPS, double transformation online UPS, Delta transformation UPS.
5.Classification by the structure: Modular UPS, rated power UPS, module UPS
6.Classification by online rated power: Industrial frequency UPS, IGBT rectifier + traditional inverter (transition technology), high frequency UPS.

According to the main structure of the circuit classification:
1.Back-up UPS
2.Online UPS
3.Series parallel UPS
4.Online interactive UPS

Classification by back-up time:
1.Standard UPS
2.Long effect UPS

Classification by input / output:
1.1 ph input / 1 ph output (small power UPS)
2.3 ph input / 1 ph output (middle,large power UPS)
3.3 ph input / 3 ph output (middle,large power UPS)

Classification by output waveform:
1.Pure sine wave UPS
2.Square wave UPS

Classification by output capacity:
1.Mini-UPS (output power≤ 1kVA)
2.Small UPS (output power 1kVA-5kVA)
3.Middle UPS (output power 5kVA-30kVA)
4.Large UPS (output power 30kVA-100kVA)

According to technically mature of UPS sorted by technical performance:
1. Double transform online UPS
2. Series parallel adjusted UPS (Delta converter)
3. Online interactive UPS
4. Back-up pure sine wave UPS
5. Back-up square wave UPS

High Frequency Online UPS MPS9335C 10-1200kVA, 3Ph in 3Ph out Online UPS, 1.0 output power factor, online capacity expansion and maintenance, extre large LCD that can display 13 languages(Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish and so on).

MPS9335C 10-1200KVA With Switch Cabinet Modular UPS Systems


Low Frequency Online UPS GP9335C 10-800kVA, 3Ph in/3Ph out Online UPS with high output power factor 0.9, use AC-DCAC converter, support 6 units ups parallel operation, providing high quality power, with high level of availability and scalability, and invest iminimize Total Cost of Ownership(TCO).

GP9335C 120-800KVA Low Frequency Online UPS (120 kva ups,double conversion online ups)



Shenzhen Soro Electronics Co., Ltd is engaged in high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of products in the field of power electronics. Through years of accumulation and development, Sorotec has become one of the largest and most large-scale high-tech power enterprises at home and abroad.


SOROTEC Products

Data center
UPS uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioning, micro module, intelligent distribution system, environment monitoring system of power battery;

New energy products
The solar power generation system (on grid / off grid inverter), energy storage system, electric vehicle charging pile;

Power quality products
SAPF active filter, SSVG static var generator, SSPC three-phase unbalance optimization device;


SOROTEC Qualification

■National high and new technology enterprises
■China’s top ten UPS power enterprises
■Famous brand brand in Guangdong
■Shenzhen Baoan District Quality Progress Award
■Standardized good behavior enterprise
■Enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise
■The whole series of products are certified by Tel, energy saving, opening up and CE certification
■Three standard certified enterprises (ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001)
■China Mobile level finalists Jicai qualified suppliers
■Qualified suppliers of CNPC first level
■The national grid and the southern power grid are entering qualified suppliers
■Radio and television qualified suppliers