Manufacturers and users of UPS power supply system have long noticed the matching problem between generators and UPS, especially the harmful effects of current harmonics generated by rectifiers on power supply systems such as voltage regulators of generators and synchronous circuits of UPS. Therefore, the technicians designed the input filter and applied it to UPS, and successfully controlled the current harmonics in UPS application. These filters play a key role in UPS compatibility with generators.


In fact, all input filters use capacitors and inductors to absorb the destructive current harmonics at the UPS input. The design of the input filter takes into account the percentage of all possible harmonic distortion inherent in the UPS circuit and at full load. Another benefit of most filters is to increase the input power factor of UPS with load. However, another consequence of the application of input filters is to reduce the overall efficiency of UPS. Most filters consume about 1% UPS power. The design of input filters has been seeking a balance between advantages and disadvantages.


In order to improve the efficiency of UPS system as much as possible, UPS engineers have recently improved the power consumption of input filters. The improvement of filter efficiency depends largely on the application of IGBT (Insulated Gate Transistor) technology to UPS design. The high efficiency of IGBT inverters leads to the redesign of UPS. The input filter can absorb some current harmonics and a small part of active power. In short, the ratio of inductance factor to capacitance factor in the filter is reduced, and the volume of UPS is reduced and the efficiency is improved. The compatibility between UPS and generators is another problem.


MPS9335C 10-300KVA High Frequency Online Modular Type UPS

1.Superior energy saving and environment-friendly:
Efficiency > 96% at 50%-75% rated load, and > 95% at 25% rated load; Input PF > 0.99,input THDi<3%.
2. Superior capability of powering load:
Output PF is 0.9 or 1, no need of power deration with load of leading or lagging PF.
3. Easy-to-install:
Top or bottom cabling, no need of input cabling cabinet.
4. Easy-to-maintain:
Full front access, UPS, failed part can be replaced shortly.
5. Easy-to-modify:
The number of battery cells can be configured flexibly, so the original batteries can be used when modifying the legacy system; moreover, the battery cell can be replaced in time when it fails
without interrupting the normal operation of UPS.
6.6-inch extra large LCD that can display 12 language (Chinese ,English ,Russian, French ,Spanlish and so on).
7.Provide large LCD touch screen (optional).
8.Each UPS modules provide 4.5KW charge capacity. equivalent to 10 to 12A.
9.On-Line Double Conversion, fully isolating the influences of power grid pollution and power failure from utility power supply and diesel generator to load.
10. Advanced DSP full digital control technologies realize higher system stability, online capacity expansion and maintenance.
11.Advanced distributed active parallel technology realizes parallel operation of 4 UPS units and online capacity expansion without centralized bypass cabinet.
12.Digital load sharing technology features extra low cross current and extreme high system reliability in parallel operation.
13.Adaptive to severe power grid environment due to extra wide input voltage and frequency ranges.
14.Extra strong capability to withstand output overload and short circuit, ensuring the system stability and system safety at limit conditions.
15 Intelligent battery management maintains battery automatically to prolong the battery life.
16. Efficient heat dissipation and effective protection under severe environment due to its independent layer-sealed ventilation channel and redundant fan design, as well as the paint-protected circuit boards and built-in dust filter.
17.Applicable voltage south America.

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MPS9335C 10-300KVA High Frequency Online Modular Type UPS