In the all centralized mode, the computer system is composed of computer and network and other electronic equipment. These electronic equipments have strict technical standards and requirements for the power system. UPS power supply system, usually refers to the UPS host, storage battery, static bypass switch and other auxiliary equipment, in order to realize the network data center run 365 days, 24 hours continuously,  can not achieve by only relying on the UPS which is high working efficiency and output ability, the input and output power distribution cabinets, circuit breakers, switches and transmission cables in the data center UPS system are choke points of failure, if there is a problem, it will inevitably lead to system outages.Therefore, to achieve near zero fault power supply, it must be a redundant power supply system with high fault tolerance. They are generally composed of 2/multiple way city power supply redundancy power system + standby generator + 1/multiple automatic transfer switch + anti lightning transient surge suppressor and IDC UPS power supply system. This is basically a distribution system which will never be a power failure, the maintenance and repair operation of “no power interruption” is allowed, can increase its availability to 99.999%, network room down time less than 5.26 minutes per year.


SOROTEC HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS

Application: Data center, bank station, network , telecom station, office, automatic equipment,monitor equipment, control system

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HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA Online High Frequency UPS