Outdoor integrated cabinets are mainly used in the communications industry. The main raw materials for outdoor cabinets are sheet metal. Here is a detailed introduction of why we choose sheet metal as raw material for outdoor cabinets.


Outdoor integrated cabinet generally includes shell, bracket, various switches on panel, indicator lamp, etc. The shell is made of steel plate and plastic, with high hardness. It mainly protects the internal components of outdoor cabinet. The bracket is mainly used for fixing the motherboard, power supply and various drivers.


Appearance and material are the most basic characteristics of a cabinet. Appearance directly determines whether a cabinet can be accepted by users. Therefore, the current appearance gradually tends to diversify, so it also occupies a certain proportion in our testing. Material mainly depends on the material used in the cabinet. Whether the edges are curled or not, the quality of the material also directly affects the performance of electromagnetic radiation resistance. Mechanical engineers must be skilled in the design of sheet metal parts, so that the design can not only meet the functional and appearance requirements of products, but also make the stamping die manufacturing simple and low cost. Sheet metal processing cabinet not only looks good, but also durable, long life. Besides the appearance requirements, the design of sheet metal should ensure that the stamping process is simple, the stamping die is easy to make, the quality of sheet metal stamping is high, and the size is stable. These advantages make the cabinet of sheet metal processing so popular.


Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution

Sorotec outdoor battery cabinets was developed for easing customers, pressure in site acquisition, meeting customers,requirements for energy saving and flexible expansion.As an innovative installation solution for site equipment,it not only has a large housing capability like traditional shelter, but also adopts independent compartment temperature control method as outdoor electric enclosures.Because outdoor battery cabinets has few limitations on application scenarios and can satisfy customers,different requirements, it is gaining more and more popularity in modern site.

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