Outdoor stainless steel cabinet technology is constantly improving, so that stainless steel cabinet has the best anti-vibration, anti-impact, anti-corrosion, anti-dust, waterproof, anti-radiation performance, in order to ensure that the equipment works stably and reliably. All designs are people-oriented, so that users can use more smoothly, SOROTEC focused on stainless steel outdoor cabinet technical design, and technical updates.


Stainless steel cabinet is the most commonly used toughened glass doors and mesh doors. And its quality plays a key role. Usually, the front and rear door panels are never allowed to have distortion, expansion, depression, burrs and other phenomena, its flatness is usually less than 2 mm. The difference in the same slot also needs less than 2 mm, and the installed door panels can not have obvious upward or downward adverse phenomenon, to ensure the flexibility of disassembly and assembly. When opening and closing the door, it must be flexible. The angle should be greater than or equal to 90 degrees. It is forbidden to damage spraying when the door rotates.


Only paying more attention to the small details of stainless steel cabinet doors will help attract more customers. Different types of doors will directly affect buyers’ decision to make purchases.


SOROTEC IP55 Protection Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

■.Highly integrated outdoor electrical enclosure with strong housing ability, can be used as equipment cabinet, battery cabinet or integrated cabinet
■.Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection and full ranges of temperature control system
■.Precise and separate temperature control reduces energy cost
■.Multi-layer panel structure makes less heat absorbance and saves energy
■.Anti-theft design and earthquake protection tests ensure outdoor electrical enclosure and equipments safety
■. Well environmental adaptability with IP55 class protection
■.Support delivery in whole or in parts with no limits to installation scenario

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Outdoor cabinet manufacturing materials Used in the manufacture of cabinet outside the plate, the thickness is greater than or equal to 1.5 mm galvanized plate, hot galvanizing plate after welding shall be outdoor powder coating. Temperature control device for cabinet type heat radiation with hot galvanizing plate for plate, temperature control device for refrigeration cabinet use is greater than or equal to 1.5 mm galvanized plate with 10mm insulation cotton structure into a sheet. The base cabinet is made of cold rolled steel plate thickness not less than 2mm, after welding galvanizing surface treatment. For the metal cabinet, after or after surface treatment, should have the ability to resist corrosion and electrochemical reaction. Non metal parts (including insulated wire, cable and foam material) should be flame retardant materials, the combustion of flame retardant should be able to pass the test requirements.