Telecom power is the key infrastructure of the entire telecom network, but the proportion of telecom power in the entire telecom industry is not high. Telecom operators purchase in the power supply products is mainly the annual equipment maintenance and system equipment. Among them, the maintenance of power supply equipment usually accounts for a higher proportion of procurement. Telecom operators spend relatively little money on building power systems each year, unless carriers need large-scale upgrades or expansions, operators will increase the amount of power equipment purchases.

The telecom power supply system is the heart of the telecom system, stable and reliable power supply system, communication system is the key to ensure the safe and reliable operation of telecom system, once the fault caused by the telecom power supply system for telecom equipment interruption, telecom equipment will not run, resulting in economic and social benefits cadmean. Therefore, the telecom power supply system occupies a very important position in the telecom system.

The growth in damand of the telecom power market is limited, but from a more long-term development trend analysis, telecom power supply in the next 2 years will usher in a small climax.

For telecom power supply, buyers are not limited to telecom operators, as well as telecom equipment manufacturers, this huge market. Whether for telecom operators, or equipment research and development, processing and assembly manufacturing enterprises, it can not be ignored. China is a famous manufacturing base in the world, and this has objectively created a strong market pillar for power supply products. These will undoubtedly help the telecom power industry successfully smoothly through the market winter.


SOROTEC SP6U-48200 48V Telecom Power Supply Embedded System

AC Input:

Rated input voltage :220V
AC input Voltage range:90-290V
AC input Frequency range:43-67HZ
Power factor :≥0.99
Efficiency : >92%


DC output :

■ Rated voltage: 48V switching power supply
■ Voltage range: 42-58V
■ Rated Current: 200A
■ load Distribution: 4 outlet load
■ battery Distribution: 2 outlet battery
■ battery LVD:100A×2
■ Mode of connection: connect terminal to front panel
■ Rectifier Module: SR4850
■ Monitoring Module: STM-11


Input —-output 3000Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 2500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown
Input—- chassis 500Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown


Operating temperature -40 ~+70°c
Humidity : 95% non-condensing


Dimensions(W H D): 480 270 300(mm)
Weight(Kg): 20kg (include rectifier module)

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