176月 2019

In the fault area of the outdoor cabinet, the cabinet is usually made of cold rolled steel or alloy, which is used to store computer and related control equipment. It can provide protection for storage equipment, shield electromagnetic interference, arrange equipment in an orderly and orderly manner, and facilitate the maintenance of equipment in the future. Cabinet is generally divided into server cabinet, network cabinet, console cabinet and so on. As the user of cabinet, you must know the fault area of cabinet.


Fault area 1: below the cabinet (outside the cabinet)

The area below the rack and above the floor is difficult to manage because leveling bolts or casters vary in size and manufacturer and height. There will be a lot of uncontrolled air in this area. If the area can be properly sealed, it can produce very high benefits. Usually, there is no solid baffle under the cabinet due to the need to connect wires or nets. This will also lead to air leakage in the area, because the heat under the cabinet cannot be released, and the cold air from the perforated floor will also bypass the area.


Fault area 2 and the left and right sides of 3:19 inch cabinet front vertical rail (cabinet interior)

Because customers require that the front-end guide rail can be adjusted and they want to be able to pass through cabinet wiring, most 19-inch cabinet front-end guide rail has leakage points on both sides. The area between the vertical guide rail and the rack or side panel is usually open, allowing hot air to penetrate or cold air to pass through. This will seriously damage the stability of blind strategy. Today’s widened racks (e.g. 800mm) have a 3-inch redundant width on both sides of the 19-inch cabinet rail to cool switches or facilitate the installation of a large number of wires. The cable passes through an unsealed opening and passes through the side or top. These openings should be covered with appropriate materials to seal the voids around the cable and reduce air leakage.


Fault area 4 and 5: top and bottom of bracket mounting space (cabinet interior)

Air leaks may occur in areas above the top U and below the bottom U. Usually, these areas have some space, which varies according to the rack manufacturer. However, this area is the same as that without blind plate. This area is susceptible to hot air recirculation, and cold air from air conditioning is more likely to bypass this area.


SOROTEC Telecom Outdoor Cabinets solution 

SOROTEC outdoor battery cabinets was developed for easing customers, pressure in site acquisition, meeting customers,requirements for energy saving and flexible expansion. As an innovative installation solution for site equipment,it not only has a large housing capability like traditional shelter, but also adopts independent compartment temperature control method as outdoor electric enclosures.Because outdoor battery cabinets has few limitations on application scenarios and can satisfy customers,different requirements, it is gaining more and more popularity in modern site.

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106月 2019

With the progress of power electronics technology and control technology, domestic active harmonic filter has replaced imported products in various major projects. In 2012 alone, the sales of domestic APF products have exceeded the imported brands by five times. Active power filter will eventually replace the traditional passive filter because of its huge technological advantages, powerful functions and declining price.

During the development of APF, modular APF equipment has gradually replaced traditional cabinet APF with its advantages of small size, convenient installation, high integration, stable operation and convenient expansion. In the next five years, the combination of modular APF and static var generator (SVG) will become the most powerful solution in power quality industry, and will be widely recognized by the market.


Three-phase Balance Active Harmonic Filter(AHF)

Meeting users’ requirements:
– PF=0.99 and THDi < 5%
– Compensation for 2- to 50-order harmonics
– Capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation
– Three-phase unbalance co

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Three-phase Balance Active Harmonic Filter


400V/480V/690V Static Var Generator(SVG)

Meeting users’ requirements:
-Capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation
-Three-phase unbalance compensation

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400V/480V/690V Static Var Generator(SVG)

036月 2019

Solar panels belong to photovoltaic devices (mainly semiconductor materials), which produce current by photoelectric effect after irradiation by light. Because of the properties and limitations of materials and light, the generated current is also a wavy curve. If the generated current is directly charged into the battery or directly supplied to the load, it will easily cause damage to the battery and load, and seriously reduce their life. Therefore, we must first feed the current into the solar charge controller, use a series of special chip circuits to digitally adjust it, and add multi-level charge and discharge protection to ensure the operation safety and service life of the battery and load. When power is supplied to the load, the current of the storage battery is first flowed into the solar charge controller, and then into the load after its adjustment. The purpose of this method is to stabilize the discharge current, to ensure that the battery is not over-discharged, and to provide a series of monitoring and protection for the load and battery.

In order to use AC power equipment, it is necessary to add inverter to AC before load.


MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 48V 60A 3200W

1. Intelligent maximum power point tracking technology increases efficiency 25%~30%
2. Compatible for PV systems in 12v, 24v or 48v
3. Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance
4. Maximum charging current up to 60a
5. Maximum efficiency up to 98%
6. Battery temperature sensor (BTS) automatically provides temperature compensation
7. Support wide range of lead-acid batteries including wet, AGM, and gel batteries
8. Multi-function LCD displays detailed information

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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 48V 60A 3200W

036月 2019

In May, SOROTEC ushered in the 10th employee collective birthday party. We hope everyone can feel warmth and happiness by this activity.

At 8:00 p.m. on the 24th,Our company held the may birthday party of the group headquarters in the conference room on the second floor.Twenty-six birthday workers and company leaders, well-wishers attended the party.The whole birthday party scene is beautiful, the food is rich and varied.All of this brought a special birthday blessing to them.

Before the party, the company leader extended his sincere greetings to them, and wish them career progress, happy life.The management reform of the group is recognized, and such activities should continue thereafter.

A cake symbolizes a united collective, a candle symbolizes a hot heart, because of the collective heart became wonderful, because of the heart collective became proud. When the Happy birthday song rang ,the familiar and wonderful melody sounded. Light the birthday candles ,along with the familiar music , the birthday stars closed their eyes, made a birthday wish.The boss cut the birthday cake with all the birthday stars and  distributed it to everyone, then bless you all once again. The atmosphere was pushed to the climax again.

Finally is the talent show program, everyone shows their ability.The atmosphere was filled with warmth and blessings.Friendship and love let us get together to spend this unforgettable time .The company provides such a platform to us, so that we can understand and take care for each other. Make us remember this happy and warm time, the sincere friendship like mountains and rivers flowing in our hearts forever. our friendship follow the sublimation of work, let the sunshine always accompany our life every day! Let us bless the birthday stars would be happiness, healthy, peace from year to year!

275月 2019

In the process of using UPS power supply system, people tend to unilaterally think that storage battery is maintenance-free and pay no attention to it. However, data show that the proportion of UPS mainframe failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure is about 1/3. Therefore, it is more and more important to strengthen the correct use and maintenance of UPS batteries for prolonging the life of batteries and reducing the failure rate of UPS systems.

In addition to the selection of regular brand batteries, we should start from the following aspects to correctly use and maintain batteries:

1.Maintain appropriate ambient temperature

Ambient temperature is an important factor affecting the life of battery. The optimum ambient temperature required by battery manufacturers is between 20℃ ~ 25 ℃. Although the discharge capacity of batteries is improved with the increase of temperature, the cost is that the life of batteries is greatly shortened. According to the test results, once the ambient temperature exceeds 25℃, the battery life will be reduced by half for every 10℃ increase. At present, UPS batteries are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries. Their design life is generally five years, which can be achieved only under the environment required by battery manufacturers. If it fails to meet the required environmental requirements, its life span will vary greatly. In addition, the increase of ambient temperature will lead to the increase of chemical activity inside the battery, which will generate a lot of heat, and in turn will promote the increase of ambient temperature. This vicious cycle will accelerate the shortening of battery life.

2.Charging and discharging regularly

The floating charge voltage and discharge voltage in UPS power supply have been adjusted to the rated value at the time of leaving the factory. The discharge current increases with the increase of the load. The load should be adjusted reasonably in use, such as controlling the number of electronic devices such as microcomputers. Normally, the load should not exceed 60% of the UPS rated load. Within this range, the discharge current of the battery will not be excessive discharge.

Because UPS is connected with municipal electricity for a long time, in the environment of high quality power supply and few blackouts, the storage battery will be in floating charge for a long time, which will lead to the reduction of the activity of the conversion between chemical energy and electric energy, accelerate aging and shorten the service life of the battery. Therefore, the discharge should be completed every 2-3 months, and the discharge time can be determined according to the capacity and load size of the battery. After discharge of a full load, recharge for more than 8 hours according to regulations.

3.Utilizing Communication Functions

At present, the vast majority of large and medium-sized UPS have the operability of communication with microcomputers and program control. The corresponding software is installed on the computer, and UPS is connected through serial/parallel ports. By running the program, the computer can communicate with UPS. Generally, it has the functions of information inquiry, parameter setting, timing setting, automatic shutdown and alarm. Through information inquiry, information such as input voltage, UPS output voltage, load utilization ratio, battery capacity utilization ratio, in-machine temperature and power frequency can be obtained. Through parameter setting, basic characteristics of UPS, battery maintenance time and battery exhaustion alarm can be set. Through these intelligent operations, it greatly facilitates the use and management of UPS power supply and its batteries.


4.Replace batteries in time.

At present, the number of batteries equipped with large and medium UPS power supply varies from 3 to 80, or even more. These individual batteries form battery packs through circuit connections to meet the needs of UPS DC power supply. In the continuous operation and use of UPS, due to the difference in performance and quality, the performance of individual batteries is degraded and the storage capacity is not up to the requirements and damage is inevitable. When one or more batteries in the battery pack are damaged, maintenance personnel should check and test each batteries to eliminate damaged batteries. When replacing new batteries, we should strive to purchase batteries of the same type as those of the same manufacturer. It is forbidden to mix acid-proof batteries with sealed batteries and batteries of different specifications.


SOROTEC HP9116CR High Frequency Online UPS 1 – 10KVA

1.Large blue LCD display interface,user-friendly. Pure high frequency online UPS,with voltage adjustment circuit,provide reliable power protection in the bad operation environment.
2.Comprehensive electric isolate and bypass protection.
3.Input power factor correction, reduce the harm of harmonic to the power grid,convenient to match small generators.
4.Automatic alarm, self test function.
5.Wide input voltage range.
6.Input neutral and live wire detect and data protect function.
7.When main power failure, the UPS going to DC start,Convenient and reliable; when main power recover,UPS restart automatically.
8.N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6K-10K.

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HP9116CR high frequency online ups 10kva